‘No Night Lasts Forever,’ so let’s ‘Make It’ a good one, with fresh new tunes from Ten Fe, LOVE SICK, HMLTD and more…

L Devine – Daughter

Let’s kick off with the punchy new pop number from northern star L Devine. She’s been shining bright in the pop hemisphere lately, with breakthrough tracks ‘Nervous’ and ‘Peer Pressure’ catching the attention of tastemakers and pop fanatics alike, but ‘Daughter’ takes it to a whole new level. It’s loud, proud and queer, and that’s just how we like it.


With their new No Sleep EP out today, we couldn’t not have a little taste of LOVE SICK in this weeks Friday Faves. ‘Make It’ is a swirling storm of glitchy pop noire, perfect for that post-club wind-down after a hectic night on the town. Pulsing heart-beat bass and roiling liquid synths mark the closing track to their gorgeous new EP.

Chlöe Howl – 23

Forget 22, we’re absolutely feeling ’23’, the magnetic new effort from Berkshire’s Chlöe Howl. It’s pop with an attitude, blending old school disco bass and pulsing beats with soaring contemporary vox and lyricism. Splashes of piano give it a nostalgic feel, as ethereal synths wind through the soundscape with a wistful dreampop aesthetic.

Rhys Lewis – Could’ve Been

Let’s take a little break from the pop – just for a minute – and delve into the smooth and sultry sounds of Rhys Lewis. It’s soul undoubtedly inspired by the classic legends by the likes of Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin, but warmly caressed with a distinctive contemporary edge. Rolling beats and delicious jabs of blues guitar wash over the piece, as Lewis croons a tender, love-fuelled vocal. Was that Bill Withers himself? ‘Could’ve Been.’

Rosie Carney – Zoey

When it comes to raw poetic talent and blissful folk melodies, you just can’t beat Rosie Carney. Armed with only her enchanting vocals and an acoustic six-string, the Irish songstress packs this track full of as much emotion and feeling as she can muster. Originally dubbed the ‘Zooey Deschanel’ song because it “sounded like a rainy-day romance, like something out of 500 Days of Summer,” ‘Zoey’ is the perfect track for a blissful headphones moment before you let loose this weekend.

YONAKA – Death By Love

Alright, that’s enough ethereality for the time being, it’s time to turn up the levels with some raucous YONAKA. ‘Death By Love’ is the punchy new track from their new four-track EP Creature, and – if you’re looking for a little grit and energy – it’s just what the doctor ordered. Like the “wild spawn of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Royal Blood,” YONAKA blend gritty rock riffage with splashes of pop melody and driving beats.

HMLTD – Flex

If there’s one thing we know about HMLTD, it’s that they don’t play by anyone’s rules. Probably not even their own. ‘Flex’ sees the London six-piece team up with Xvoto.Delete in what can probably only be described as a wild cacophony of EDM, trap, left-of-field pop and everything in-between. It’s like if the modern rap game met up with post-punk sleaze pop in a dark alleyway somewhere in Camden. Basically, absolutely bonkers.

Ten Fe – No Night Lasts Forever

We’ve got the perfect track to help you wind down after the madness that was that last tune; Taken from their forthcoming album Future Perfect, Present Tense, Ten Fe return to the airwaves once more with ‘No Night Lasts Forever,’ a driving slice of motoring indie-pop goodness drenched in melodic guitar runs and rolling beats. Waves of lush synth give the piece a certain cinematic element.

Ten Tonnes – Better Than Me

If you’re looking for a bouncy indie bop with a little dash of rock ‘n’ roll, no one does it better than Ethan Barnett, aka. one-man-band Ten Tonnes. ‘Better Than Me’ is Barnett’s latest single, lifted from his forthcoming self-titled EP, and it’s a perfect introduction to what the Ten Tonnes hype is all about.

“This was written in one of the last sessions for the record and it’s one of my absolute favourites,” he explains. “It was really fun to write and it came together really quickly.”