It’s the week of the dynamic duo; with double-act duets All Tvvins, APRE, IDER and LOVE SICK marking the return of our Friday Favourites…

APRE – Backstreet

It’s all about the duos and terrific twos this week. London alternative-electro outfit APRE return to our Friday Faves with ‘Backstreet,’ marking them as one of the most prolific pairs in the scene to date. On the back of two EPs Drum Machines Killed Music and The Movement of Time released in a couple of months, ‘Backstreet’ signifies that the duo aren’t thinking of slowing down any time soon.

IDER – Mirror

We must’ve all been there: when you have to get up for a wee in the middle of the night and unwittingly catch your own reflection in the bathroom mirror. You’ve just got to pull a face to try and freak yourself out, right? Just us? Anyway… that’s the ethos behind London duo IDER‘s hazy pop anthem, ‘Mirror,’ revolving around that post-breakup feeling when you don’t quite recognise your own reflection.

“The song is predominantly about going through a break up and realising that you have attached so much of your identity to that other person that you’re not sure who you are without them” explain the duo.

GIRLI – Young

Deja vu! You may remember our favourite pink-haired wonder gracing our Friday Faves with ‘Young’ a couple of weeks ago, but with a fresh new video to accompany the track like a fine-wine with cheese, we just couldn’t get enough. The colourful and carefree reel follows Girli and co. driving about town in a Wayne’s World-esque road trip in their very own Mirth Mobile. Awesome stuff.

King Nun – Greasy Hotel

“Take your hands off of her / It’s not your world” – powerful words from London outfit King Nun, who wrote this track following an incident at one of their gigs where a girl reported to the band that she was grabbed by a male fan. The track certainly speaks for itself, and stands in stark defiance of all the greasy blokes and man-children who can’t keep their hands to themselves.

“We wanted the lyrics in the chorus to stand out and I felt it was important for the audience to hear ‘Take your hands off of her’ mid set,” explains frontman Theo. “The song serves as reminder of our stance on this, as well as helping to vent on what I feel is a really important issue.”

Friendly Fires – Heaven Let Me In

It’s time to step back in time to the glitz and glam of 80’s funky disco. Indie pop icons Friendly Fires are back and better than ever, splicing a saucy new track in the form of ‘Heaven Let Me In.’ It’s a decadent slice of disco euphoria served up with a large side of modern house madness courtesy of co-producers Disclosure. If Heaven won’t let them in after this track, we’re not sure what will.

LOVE SICK – Medusa

Scottish electro-pop duo LOVE SICK mark their return to our Friday Faves again this week with their sensual new track ‘Medusa.’ Touches of glitch hop blend with soaring pop power in this anthem for the stage. A personal live favourite of the duo, ‘Medusa’ is a track born and raised to get a crowd going, whether it’s a carefree dance-off in the comfort of your own home, or jumping in unison with a crowd all screaming the hook.

All Tvvins – Warm Crush

They’ve just finished ‘One Hell of A Party,’ but Irish duo All Tvvins aren’t sending everyone home just yet. ‘Warm Crush’ marks the duo’s return to the soundwaves with a chilled-out, laid-back dance number that sounds like the soundtrack to the sunrise after a hazy night of cocktails and cavorting. Driving hi-hat drum loops supply the rhythm as reverb-drenched guitar licks pepper a deliciously synth-laden soundscape.

Ten Fé – Won’t Happen

It’s been a week of sugary synths and disco dreams, so what about we finish up with a nice little slice of classic indie-rock groove from London outfit Ten Fé. Punchy syncopated beats, dangerously smooth guitar-work and rolling bass licks; that’s what ‘Won’t Happen’ brings to the table, and with their second album set to hit the shelves in March next year, it’s a nice little ditty to “whet the appetite and stoke the flames.” Enjoy, and see you next week!