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…Because if the sunshine insists on staying, who are we to argue? This week’s Friday Favourites feature some late contenders for your Summer playlists.

BOYO – ‘Hit or Miss’

Chosen by: Kayleigh

Rob Tilden would rather laugh at his misfortunes than revel in them. The mind behind the boisterous bedroom-pop of BOYO creates a lofi groove with twanging guitars and shuffling drum machine on ‘Hit or Miss’, adding some funk to the resolutely ‘not funky situation’ of being trapped indoors with your drawing pad.

foxgluvv – ‘Fries’

Soda pop – it’s fizzy, sweet and will add a sharp and often gaseous zing of hyperactivity to anyone who drinks it. You could say foxgluvv’s ‘Fries’ is an embodiment of such a drink. Soothing your worries with fast food is exactly the kind of topic you’d want Birmingham’s foxgluvv to cover with her brand of “hungover-pop”. With glitchy melodies and dreamy vocals, it’s the kind of song to help you get over the night before.

Jailbox – ‘Sewer Cap (Dead Sea)’

Chosen by: Molly

The cinematic ‘Sewer Cap (Dead Sea)’ is a cut of stirring and potent folk balladry from St. Louis trio Jailbox. Gently swelling strings over ethereal vocal harmonies and delicate guitar work make ‘Sewer Cap’ a real thing of beauty, easily holding its own against genre heavyweights such as Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens.

Dusky Grey – ‘One Night’

Infectious pop duo Dusky Grey have a beast of a song on their hands here. Preparing for tour with much loved Youtuber-cum-songstress Emma Blackery, the Balearic-infused beat and undeniable chorus of ‘One Night’ are very much of the moment, and will sweep you up and transport you straight to the dancefloor.

Goss – ‘Fever Ray’

Chosen by: Steph

Danish producer and songwriter Goss digs deep into industrial soundscapes of metallic snares and whipping synths for new single, ‘Fever Ray’. Goss’ aversion to warmth and fuzz makes for a tight, impactful and sleek cut of electronica, with an cool, calm and collected RnB vocal to seal the deal.

Easy Life – ‘Nightmares’

Old school beats, with throwback horns and comforting guitars jangling underneath, make the laidback groove of Easy Life’s ‘Nightmares’ the perfect choice for kicking it back in the late Autumn sunshine. The Leicester five-piece nail the juxtaposition of anxious lyrics with chilled instrumentation, combining slow, descending piano glissandos and deliciously sardonic vocals about ignoring your problems.

The Pale White – ‘Wisdom Tooth’

Chosen by: Sam

If you prefer some distortion and rumble to be served with your guitars, crank up the latest from Newcastle’s rowdiest sons The Pale White. ‘Wisdom Tooth’ rattles with rock’n’roll drums, snarling riffs and a creatively anthemic chorus that compares a lover to a painful extraneous molar.

Zuzu – ‘Dark Blue’

Tempo changes are a difficult thing to master in songwriting, but Zuzu’s playful shift up in pace is nothing but joyful in her whimsical new track, ‘Dark Blue’. Garage rock guitars, carefree vocals and plenty of shoegaze fuzz makes the Merseyside singer’s latest track a fun listen for your weekend.

SPINN – ‘Boredom’

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Shimmering indie rock with doo-wop harmonies, bouncing drums and exuberant guitar will never fail to unite a crowd and SPINN execute it perfectly on ‘Boredom’. With lyrics about wistfully dreaming life away in your humdrum town, ‘Boredom’ is the song to end your working week.

Childcare – ‘Man Down (King Kong Shuffle)

Chosen by: Tobias

Moisturising your sandpaper knuckles and inviting people to lay on your hairless chest is probably not the first thing you’d write a song about, but laidback Londoners Childcare aren’t a band about ego. ‘Man Down’ is their reflection on the hot topic of toxic masculinity, featuring borderline hip-hop kicks with off-beat organs and catchy vocal hooks that will have you thinking as much as you’re laughing.