‘Loosen Up,’ this Friday Favourites is set to be one ‘Hell of a Party,’ with new music from Cassia, All Tvvins, GIRLI and many more…

Black Honey – Into The Nightmare

Chosen by: Sam

Kicking this weeks Friday Favourites off with a bang, Black Honey‘s latest track ‘Into The Nightmare’ is about as Black Honey as you can get; pounding four-to-the-floor beats and syncopated industrial riffs sound a vampire war march as Izzy B. Phillips delivers her mesmerisingly sugar-sweet vocal hooks.

Cosmo Sheldrake – Run Rings Right Wrongs

Chosen by: James

Following his latest album The Much Much How How and I, London producer Cosmo Sheldrake continues to showcase his love for alliteration and tongue twisting lyricism with ‘Run Rings Right Wrongs.’ It’s an off-kilter production of carnivalesque horns and intricate percussion that lays the perfect groundwork for his endearing odd-ball charm.

Cassia – Loosen Up

Chosen by: James

‘Loosen Up’ and get those old bones shakin’, northern trio Cassia have the perfect track to get you up and on your feet. Delivering a delightful mix of ska, jazz-fusion and dreamy beach pop, Cassia craft their trademark happy-go-lucky sound of danceable beats, jangly guitarwork and catchy lyricism that’s just perfect for a sing-a-long shower session.

Airways – Alien

Chosen by: Sam

It seems an ‘Alien’ has landed; Peterborough-via-Chicago-based Airways return to the airwaves with an out-of-this-world track. Arriving just after the FBI shut down and evacuated an observatory in New Mexico, it can’t just be a coincidence… can it? Matching Enter Shikari-esque electronics with Nothing But Thieves style punk-fuelled indie, ‘Alien’ is a masterful blend of catchy rock and fist-pumping groove.

Clean Cut Kid – Emily

Chosen by: James

Let’s turn down the levels and turn up the groove. Liverpool natives Clean Cut Kid return with ‘Emily,’ a bass-led blues funk roller that’ll have your head boppin’ and your feet tappin.’ Marking a shift in sound from their debut album Felt released last year, ‘Emily’ draws on the sound of the American East Coast with 70’s inspired fuzz-fuelled guitar-work and classic vocal harmonies.

Mansionair – Falling

Chosen by: Sam

You’ll be ‘Falling’ for Mansionair‘s new track in no time. The Sydney-based trio craft enchanting soundscapes of minimalist electronic percussion and ambient synthwork, with vocal harmonies and lyricism sure to tug right on those heart-strings. ‘Falling’ is the perfect example; the percussion pulses like a heartbeat as ethereal vocals soar atop waves of soft guitar licks and oscillating synth.

GIRLI – Young

Chosen by: Molly

If you’re looking for a certified, sass-driven pop banger, look no further. Our favourite pink-haired wonder GIRLI returns with ‘Young,’ a track that rings true of her desire earlier this summer to write “a tonne of new music that is way more badass and pop and confidently me.” Stomping beats and industrial synth combine in this full frontal sonic attack, as GIRLI sings of the woes of being young.

All Tvvins – Hell of a Party

Chosen by: James

New All Tvvins? That calls for one ‘Hell of a Party.’ The Irish duo enjoyed a remarkable start to their career, with their debut album IIVV nominated for Album of the Year at the Choice Music Awards after it sky-rocketed to #2 on the Irish album charts. ‘Hell of a Party’ signifies the duo’s return, with a newfound confidence and unmistakable sense of soul.

LANY – Thick and Thin

Chosen by: Sam

From the first slam of retro disco snare, you know LANY‘s latest single ‘Thick and Thin’ is set to be a banger. It’s the third offering from their forthcoming album Malibu Nights, and it’s another tantalising taste of what’s in store. Effortlessly blending contemporary pop sounds with an undeniably disco groove, ‘Thick and Thin’ is sugary synth-pop at its finest.

Bloxx – Monday

Chosen by: James

No-one likes Mondays, right? Well London four-piece Bloxx deliver the only ‘Monday’ you’ll be happy to hear in the form of a scorching new single. The first track from their upcoming EP Headspace, Bloxx tease us with fiery alt-rock goodness in a way only they really can. Catchy vocal hooks ride atop stomping beats and deliciously scuzzy guitar-work.

APRE – Everybody Loves You

Chosen by: Sam

Do you know what it feels like when ‘Everybody Loves You?’ Us neither, but writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist duo APRE give us a nice little inkling. Matching dreamy electronica with rolling guitar licks and intricate skippy beats, APRE showcase their signature charm with the third track from their Drum Machines Killed Music EP.

Jungle – Beat 54 (All Good Now)

Chosen by: James

We’ve come to the end of our Friday Favourites this week, so what better way to wind down then some delicious down-beat funk from British outfit Jungle. Matching spellbinding disco-beat groove with a mesmerising cornucopia of synth and strings, ‘Beat 54’ is about as old-school as you can get, but the production quality sends it sky-rocketing into the future. Sit back, relax, and have yourself a real headphones moment.