From sensitive punks to gritty emo iconoclasts, New Music Friday never disappoints.

We’ve even named and shamed this week so you know who to thank for your next favourite tune…

Nothing But Thieves – Forever and Ever More

Chosen by: Steph

Guess who’s back? It’s Nothing But Thieves with a storming new heavyweight rock hitter. Their new EP What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way is out in October, and this lead single is set to blaze a massive trail in preparation for its arrival. Blasting riffs, rolling licks and a definite rock ‘n’ roll swagger; what more can you ask for?

Phabo – What Love is (ft. Jay Prince)

Chosen by: Aaron

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite with some storming rock ‘n’ roll, it’s time to turn down the levels and get smooth. This new one from R&B maestro Phabo brings fiery soul vibes, with a mellow vocal delivery from rapper and producer Jay Prince. Deep pulsing bass and laid-back beats provide the backdrop, whilst floating keys and light stabs of guitar meander atop the soundscape.

Anna Calvi – As A Man

Chosen by: Molly

“If a woman wants to be powerful she’s expected to exhibit ‘male’ traits,” explains Anna Calvi. “There’s been a lot of encouragement for women to become more like men if they want to get their voices heard, or be powerful. But there hasn’t been enough effort to get men to become more like women.”

This social dichotomy and inequality is one that rests at the heart of Calvi’s track, ‘As A Man,’ the opening offering from her brand new album out today. It’s full of cinematography, with her beautiful vocals soaring over a multifaceted soundscape of building riffs and strings, dashed with misty electronic effects that twist and turn as the track delves into a rich tapestry of musical influence.

Sloes – Drown Them Out

Chosen by: Sam

Sloes aren’t just for gin. They’re also for blending all the finest parts of indie, pop and folk into one refreshing musical cocktail that’s sure to scintillate your ear buds. ‘Drown Them Out’ is the five-piece’s latest release, following comeback single ‘Misunderstood.’ It’s a return to Sloes’ roots, but with a fresh electronica feel, and of course, Jerome Clarke’s ever-present powerful vocal hooks.

bülow – You & Jennifer

Chosen by: Kayleigh

If there’s one thing all the best pop tracks have in common, it’s a strong sense of attitude. German-born bülow brings that and more, with her frank vocal expressions of raw emotion coupled with a world-wide weariness. Despite just finishing up high-school in the Netherlands, bülow has already developed a fully-fledged musical identity way beyond her years, and it’s an identity that really comes to life in ‘You & Jennifer.’

It’s like a gritty, contemporary revival of emo-tronica, drawing on fresh elements of pop, hip-hop, electronica and R&B, blending them into one unstoppable musical force.

Spring King – Let’s Drink

Chosen by: Sam

Manchester outfit Spring King make a welcome return to the airwaves with their brand new album A Better Life, bringing with it stand-out single ‘Let’s Drink.’ It’s a delicious blend of brit-pop zestiness and rolling indie-rock that contains all the sing-a-long hooks you can muster. Already grabbing the attention of Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, it’s a track that’s got all the makings of a Spring King classic. We’ll drink to that!

Idles – Never Fight A Man With A Perm

Chosen by: James

Bristol punks Idles are a breath of fresh air when it comes to the punk scene, placing vulnerability and empathy at the heart of their music. Their brand new album Joy as an Act of Resistance tackles everything from xenophobia to homophobia, toxic masculinity to body dysmorphia, behind ferocious vocal deliveries and scorching hot riffs. ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’ berates the knuckle-dragging masculinity of the Love Island dwelling “Top Shop tyrant” in a musical “snowflake avalanche.”