Another Friday, another list of our favourite music. But this Friday is unlike any other! We have a wonderful slice of new music from RINNGS, Yonaka, Goldilox, Future Jr, BROCKHAMPTON and The 1975!

RINNGS – Glorious

After their wonderful gig at The Shacklewell Arms yesterday (19/07/18), we have to mention the new single from RINNGS. A song about chasing highs and forgetting about surface reality, ‘Glorious’ is a synth banger that rises and falls throughout its runtime and fills the room with its warm and charismatic sound.

Yonaka – Fired Up

Yonaka need no introduction. As their second single of 2018, ‘Fired Up’ is a perfect example of the band’s message and ethos. Combing a punk aesthetic with electronic instrumentation, ‘Fired Up’ is the ideal motivational tune; grab your headphones and crank it up before that big interview (or maybe just that sweat session at the gym).

Goldilox – I Love You

Wait, what? Goldilox is now doing funk and disco music apparently, and to be honest, we’re all here for it! She perfectly captures the nostalgic sound with hazy vocals and fantastic instrumentation that fills the track with jangles, whistles and all sorts of disco goodness. Wow. We never expected this, but we certainly won’t look a gift horse in the mouth! More disco please!

Future Jr – Changing

Future Jr has been making a name for himself throughout 2018. Having already released several singles and an EP, the Australian artist returns with another great song, the funky and enigmatic ‘Changing’. There’s a bit of Tori y Moi in this one, which is definitely a nice twist on his electro-pop sound.


Look BROCKHAMPTON, you’ve got to stop releasing banger after banger. Hot on the heels of their latest single ‘1999 WILDFIRE’, ‘1998 TRUMAN’ sees the band continue the winning formula they’ve made for themselves over a very short yet prolific career. Packed with amazing hooks, intricate rapping, riot-inducing instrumentals and delicate epilogues, on this latest effort Merlyn returns to deliver his trademark flow, and Bearface bookends the track with another of his oh-so-sweet guitar jams. Unlike the last single, this is party-mode BROCKHAMPTON, and it just makes us even more excited for the new album!

The 1975 – Love It If We Made It

Hyped incomparably by their passionate fanbase, The 1975 made an unconventional return with the rattle-pop, Strokes-infused curveball of a track ‘Give Yourself a Try’. As the second track to be shared from their forthcoming third album, ‘Love It If We Made It’ reins their sound back into poppier territory. There’s even a bit of sax! Pulsing basslines, glittering synth and Matty Healy wailing “Poison me daddy” don’t typically earmark many a political track, however this is 2018 and rules don’t seem to apply. Calling out the likes of Trump, Kanyé, police brutality and the refugee crisis in one fell swoop, ‘Love It If We Made It’ may be the turning point for many of the band’s naysayers.