We’re back with more New Music Friday favourites for you to sink your teeth into, featuring Superorganism, new Confidence Man and a brilliant rework of Isaac Gracie’s ‘Last Words.’

1. London’s eight-piece pop collective Superorganism release the third single from their upcoming album ‘Reflections on the Screen,’ a “gloomy rumination about the downsides of always being online.” Hazy synths and minimalist drum rhythms carry Orono’s ethereal vocals through the track, in what she’s described as a “way more emo version of ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.'” Keep staring at your screen and check it out…

2. Isaac Gracie announces his self-titled debut album – set for release on 13th April – alongside the brilliantly reworked version of his single from way back in 2015, ‘Last Words.’ The track retains Gracie’s signature organic, stripped back acoustic sound and floating vocal, and provides a tantalising taste of what’s to come. Stay tuned!

3. Confidence Man continue to make “confident music for confident people” with the irresistibly sassy ‘Don’t You Know I’m In A Band.’ With a beat that oozes groove and funky synth by the dozen, Sugar Bones lays down all the perks of being in a band – like always being in VIP, and getting drugs for free. “We wrote this song for people who think they’re really cool just because they’re in a band,” Janet Planet says of the track, “People like us.”

4. The all-female indie-rock outfit The Aces release the Haim-esque pop rock belter ‘Lovin’ is Bible.’ Full of thumping drum rhythm, glossy guitar work and crunching bass riffs, the track fuses pop polish with rock finesse, complete with vocal harmonies that’ll have you winding down the windows and singing to your hearts content.

5. Following the release of her hugely successful and empowering debut track ‘I’m Not Her’, Clara Mae shares her new single ‘I Forgot.’ Full of powerful pop hooks and catchy melody, Mae continues to reveal her impressive pop sensibilities, combining R&B-style percussion with epic string-laden synth runs.

6. Since sharing remixes of Norma Jean Martine’s ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ and Zara Larsson’s ‘So Good,’ enigmatic producer(s) The Wild release the irresistibly funky jam, ‘Company,’ complete with fresh bass-lines and rolling percussion. The vocals add a touch of soul to what’s already a refreshingly unique release.

7. Following the release of pop and protest track ‘Gold Rush,’ Brixton’s singer-songwriter and poet Sam Frankl releases ‘Patina,’ showcasing his astute lyricism and beautiful songwriting expertise. ‘Patina’ combines classic indie-rock instrumentation with intricate guitar work and brilliantly syncopated percussion.

8. London-based singer-songwriter Rukhsana Merrise is an artist bringing a whole palette of influences into her own sound, and ‘Come My Way’ is the perfect example. Combining R&B-esque percussion with live guitar instrumentation and pop-inflected vocal hooks, the track is a wonderfully unique mixing-pot of musical styles that showcases her artistic confidence, and adds just a little sprinkling of sass.

9. Glaswegian indie-rockers The Ninth Wave continue to raise the stakes with their new release ‘New Kind of Ego.’ Combining scuzzy guitar riffs, bold synths and anthemic chorused vocals, the track showcases the four-piece at their best, revealing the full force of the line-up.

10. You’ve heard the Confidence Man, now it’s time for the Insecure Men. Taken from their self-titled debut album, ‘Mekong Glitter’ is a track that references Gary Glitter’s “post-prison sojourn in south-east Asia,” and is horrified at the pop world’s “willingness to turn a blind eye.” In typical Insecure Men fashion, there is an unsettling feeling hidden beneath it’s veneer of 80s synth and treble-heavy guitar work.

11. The product of Brighton’s thriving music scene, Our Girl release their self-titled single. Guitarist and vocalist Soph Nathan’s honest, personal lyrics float in a delicious array of sounds: rhythmic guitar hooks make dynamic jumps to thick garage-rock riffs with thundering, rolling percussion, that suddenly cuts to beautiful, intimate moments of lone guitar and reverb-hugged vocals. Our Girl at their best.