It’s that time again! This week’s FRIDAY FAVOURITES is short and most definitely sweet!

Starting off this week’s FIRDAY FAVOURITES is the first track of 2018 from British alternative R&B artist Nao. Following on from her previous release ‘Nostalgia’ last year, ‘Another Lifetime’ is a more chilled addition to her music catalogue, perfect for a romantic Friday evening, dreaming of another lifetime.


Everyone’s favourite Norwegian Sigrid has released her fourth track from her highly anticipated EP, Raw. Sigrid states ‘Focus’ is an old recording from a couple of years ago and it features her raw vocals melodiously taking the spotlight, accompanied by simple piano, proving she doesn’t need production to keep our focus.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have electronic producer, songwriter and instrumentalist Alex Crossan, better known as Mura Masa, with ‘Move Me’ featuring French London-raised rapper Octavian. ‘Move Me’ features Mura Masa’a signature instrumental beats and Octavia making the track his own.


After a string of releases since 2012, Scottish LA-based pop artist SOPHIE has finally released her debut album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. The sixth track on the album is ‘Not Okay’, a typical SOPHIE unconventional track consisting of a concoction of phrases which could soundtrack your nightmares.


Finishing off this week’s FRIDAY FAVOURITES is the marvellous Jerry Williams with her new single ‘Left and Right’ which seems to mix her indie pop origins with an element of country, as if Dolly Parton had given her a few tips. There’s no doubt you’ll be hearing this hit from left and right.