Featuring artists big and small, this week’s Friday Favourites is a hell of a playlist!

Kicking off this week’s edition is Declan Welsh and the Decadent West (try and say that quickly) with the adrenaline-fuelled ‘Good Person, Bad Things’, the opening track to their debut EP All My Dreams Are Dull. Consisting of driving rhythms and epic guitar riffs, the whole EP is sure to please indie and rock fans alike, personifying the complete opposite to dull!


The weird and wonderful LUMP are next up with ‘May I Be The Light’ from their debut self-titled EP. Made up of Laura Marling and Mike Lindsey, the duo met in 2016 and, by their surprise, discovered they were fans of each other! Hence LUMP was born. Laura’s incredible vocals in ‘May I Be the Light’ create a juxtaposition between the monotonous verse with the melodic chorus, which elegantly glide above an almost Trent Reznor-esque pulsating rhythm and distorted accompaniment.


Allie X has finally returned with ‘Focus’, her first single since ‘Casanova’ released last year. Moving towards a more electro-pop style, ‘Focus’ is the perfect summer rain record. Cascading synths, a vocoder effect and Allie X’s gentle vocals marry perfectly as the track gradually develops into one epic production.


Australian singer-songwriter Mallrat has come a long way since she burst on the scene two years ago. With over 30 million streams on Spotify and a rapidly growing fanbase, Mallrat continues to amaze with the rhythmic ‘Groceries’ from her new EP In The Sky. Beginning with a simple acoustic guitar melody but soon turning into a full production complete with synths, finger clicks and a tempo impossible not to move to, you can clearly hear her electro-pop and hip-hop influences. Try to keep your body still when listening to ‘Groceries’, I dare you.


Born Music favourites Spring King have announced their highly anticipated second album A Better Life set for release on 17th August. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also released ‘Us Vs Them’, the follow-up to their highly acclaimed ‘Animal’. Consisting of typical Spring King bass-heavy grungy guitars, ‘Us Vs Them’ is a slightly tamer addition to their music catalogue, but still consists of everything we hope for from a Spring King record. A Better Life is set to be a stonker!


The incredible Annie Clark, aka St Vincent, has returned with her first single since her 2017 album ‘Fast Slow Disco’. Now an indie rock sensation, it seems St Vincent can do no wrong. ‘Fast Slow Disco’ consists of a retro synth driving rhythm and St Vincent’s incredible voice to glue everything together. Grab your partner and have a fast slow dance!


With the release of so sad so sexy on the horizon, Lykke Li has released the melancholic yet melodic ‘two nights’ featuring Aminé. The perfect breakup song, ‘two nights’ is sure to conjure up suppressed feelings for that all important release. On the B-side, ‘sex money feelings die’ continues the melancholic theme but consists of a more upbeat rhythm just enough to take you off the edge.


Charli XCX has returned with ‘5 In The Morning’, her first solo record since ‘Boys’ released last year. Opting for a more produced, hip-hop approach, ‘5 In The Morning’ highlights how much Charli XCX has evolved since the release of ‘Boom Clap’ four years ago. Whether this transformation is through a personal musical choice or a result of current pop trends is unclear. What is clear, however, is you’ll be listening to this track til 5 in the morning!


As we come to the end of this week’s Friday Favourites, British indie rock sensation The 1975 have returned with ‘Give Yourself A Try’. In true 1975 form, the track’s easy-going beat makes it perfect listening for any occasion. Matthew Healy’s signature gentle vocals soften the overall sound, transforming the otherwise screechy guitar riff into a catchy and quirky characteristic. Known for their unconventionally long albums, we can only hope this release will feature on yet another! Go on, give it a try.