Frank Ocean announces a new ‘thing’ called ‘Here For The Beans’? Well, hopefully we wont be baking for too long!

So, bear with us on this one, this might take a little while to explain. It’s fair to say that Frank Ocean didn’t have the best of starts to his February. On his often cryptic Tumblr page, ‘Frank’ supposedly teased to new music. Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that, after these posts delved into offers to sell new Frank songs to his craving audience, these posts may have been the work of hacker.

All of these posts have now been deleted from his Tumblr, though one that did catch our eye was the wonderfully entitled ‘Here For The Beans’. Who could say what this could be? A Heinz concept album? A short film involving a bath, of beans? Whatever it is (or was, or never will be), it was (possibly?) originally slated for a March 1st release, and would (didn’t?) feature ‘Solana + KL + Andre’. If we are to hazard a guess, these must be SZA, Kendrick Lamar (or as DIY suggested, Kenny Loggins) and the one and only Andre 3000. What would these three masters of their craft need with a tin of Heinz baked beans? The world of Frank Ocean is pure mystery.

Perhaps, if you allow us, we can just hypothesize something for a quick second. After scouring (five second googling) the internet for any leads on this Sherlock Holmes mystery, we happened upon a thread from the objectively reliable and newsworthy source, Here, we found this thread in which revered journalist Pulp (of which his son may perhaps hate him) utilised his journalistic skills to discover the Instagram profile here.for.the.beans, an Instagram account created and immediately followed by our titular hero, Frank Ocean.

And what do Pulp find in this black-hole of the internet? Why, the obviously and verifiable album cover for Frank Ocean’s yet unreleased new album. This, my friends, is the biggest scoop in the history of the internet. This, is Frank Ocean’s album cover for ‘Here For The Beans’

Basically, Frank Ocean may or may not announced his new flower and bean flavoured concept album for release on March 1st. Or, this is all just internet nonsense. You pick.