The Leeds five piece finally drop their rollicking new EP.

Two years is a long time in music, and Fizzy Blood have come a long way since the birth of their debut EP Feast back in 2015. A moody pop bop, it ticked all of the boxes of what audiences want from a rock band: crashing drums, wailing guitar work and big, anthemic choruses. But where go from there? It can be quite difficult to push boundaries and sound fresh in the long worn and torn rock field after all, but somehow Fizzy Blood have managed to do elevate themselves from their peers.

Having become quite the buzzy bunch in the past two years, new EP Summer Of Luv proves that the Leeds noisemakers have the good stuff to back up the hype. The gurning sing-a-long of ‘Haunted’ evokes echoes of messy Midlanders God Damn and the howling frenzy of Pulled Apart By Horses, whilst opener ‘Pawn’ is a barraging onslaught of energy that taunts your limbs into a flail of euphoria.

The band test out their Queens of the Stone Age swagger on ‘Healing Isn’t Free’, underpinned by the bassy grooves of its laid-back, hypnotic rhythm and squealing guitar licks, as vocalist Benji Inkley exercises his best croon, yet the real show-stopper is most recent single and title track ‘Summer Of Luv’. From its deceptive synth opening to the sludgy chug of its guitars, ‘Summer Of Luv’ proves Fizzy Blood to be more creative than would initially be presumed, the track meandering  from high-octane riffs to momentary restraint by the way of a powerhouse chorus.

It is a stellar turn from the festival favourites that marks them as ones to watch, the only downside being that Summer of Luv leaves you salivating for more. Cross your digits.

© Steven Haddock