Uplifting Brighton quintet Fickle Friends have proven themselves to be one of the most hard working in the UK for 2016. Performing a mammoth run of dates with a selection of hotly tipped acts including Clean Cut Kid, Dive In and Kyko, two dates from the final home town show they stop off at the Rainbow in Birmingham for an aptly colourful show. 

Still riding the waves of their ‘Velvet’ EP from 2015 and running on its momentum, the band appear on stage with a commendable amount of energy for anybody aware of their gruelling schedule. Its clear that the group has developed a firm following outside of their hometown as the reaction from the crowd is incredibly warm to opener and latest single ‘Say No More’. Originally expecting this to close the show, the high octane riffs and bright breezy vocal melodies stir the energy within the venue and command attention as they quickly run through ‘Call’ and ‘Velvet’ which are both received warmly.

A couple of tracks expected to appear on the band’s next EP or potential debut LP get an airing tonight, I imagine this tour has been a learning curve for the group as venues and crowds will have reacted differently to each of the potential inclusions. The crowd are receptive towards new tracks, the formula and structure of Fickle Friends is punchy and impactful so attention has little opportunity to wander. They close out a fairly rapid set with a double A side hit of ‘For You’ and ‘Swim’, the latter evoking rasps and whoops from the intimate audience. Natti thanks the crowd and the tour as an entirety before they treat Birmingham to one raucous, chaotic performance of shining, summery indie pop. The future for this band is clearly as bright as the music.