In the past year, London trio FASSINE have been causing quite the stir with their enigmatic concoction of chamber pop. Bringing together a captivating range of audible influences including rock, electronica and the haunting nature of 90s trip-hop, the band’s latest single ‘Gold’ is singularly inventive, crashing in hot on the heels of last year’s debut album Dialectik. Being the first single to emerge from Fassine’s forthcoming second album Gourami, ‘Gold’ is simultaneously seductive and foreboding, it’s robust bassline being the throbbing backbone of the track and underpinned with atmospheric synths and eerily ethereal vocals.

The accompanying animated video for the track – a collaboration between illustrator James Gilleard and animator Steve Kirby – is a treat to behold, so much so that it got us thinking, “What videos have impacted Fassine during their lives?” Fortunately, they were up for enlightening us! Read on for their picks…

David Bowie – ‘DJ’

An incongruous meeting of abstract art and guerilla filming. Telling the story of a DJ who has lost his job and is dying, this video is one of Bowie’s less well known but perhaps most interesting. Spitting disdain at the camera of his powers over his audience, the DJ in question flits between arrogance and insecurity.

Dressed in a old man’s trench coat and peach jumpsuit, Bowie floats around his booth before the video cuts to him walking down the street as more and more followers join him. It is a wonderful depiction of a Christ like being, being fawned over as he “heals” his followers with a mere kiss or look. The story goes that the director had Bowie in the back of a van as they drove around London and told him to get out and just walk down the street unannounced and see what would happen. What happens is an uneasy watch as people gather in huge numbers, at one point a man kissing him full on the mouth. A huge star at this point and with little to no security around it must have been petrifying. But Bowie in his usual way gives not a flicker of fear.

An amazingly strange and at times uncomfortable video to watch, it shows how Bowie was willing to extend himself beyond the unreal, constructed world he created and enter himself into the real world… with fascinating consequences.

Izabo – ‘I Like It’

‘I Like It’ is a single and video from Israeli bands Izabo’s album Life Is On My Side is a jagged masterpiece. The seductive visuals and nimble editing meet the song perfectly. It’s filthy, provocative and a little bit awkward in its rawness.

PUP – ‘Sleep in the Heat’

‘Sleep in the Heat’ is a wonderful sentiment that transcends the usual public display of affection to one’s pets, not least because it’s not scared to address the fleeting nature of those relationships.


Jamie xx – ‘Gosh’

‘Gosh’ is amazing at utilising people and place, a fantastic use of organic material to create something that is so readily approached with CGI. It feels so massive for what is used to create it, like something a band of our means could achieve, and that makes me feel very inspired.