We have a right old treat for you today, a premiere of epic proportions, wrap your ears exclusively around Almost Kennedy’s new EP Heard Them Talk.

Mixing funky guitar riffs, big rock chorus’ with sprinkles of pop, Ottawa’s Almost Kennedy first came together in late 2015 at a University party, they paved their way through countless karaoke nights, eventually forming professionally: “We’ve been through a few line-up changes, but the core of the group has remained intact throughout” they explain.

Heard Them Talk, the bands brand new EP, is said to have been inspired by the sounds of The Neighbourhood, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Black Keys and The 1975. The tracks themselves were all written in late 2016/early 2017, with the aim of showcasing the diversity in their songwriting. “When writing, for the most part, we generally lay down guitar parts as the foundation and then focus on the rest of the instrumentation and vocals,” they tell us, “a lot of the moodiness in our songs can be traced back to The Neighbourhood, funky riffs to The 1975 and overall songwriting to Catfish and The Black Keys.”

“We think the best albums are ones that push and pull with different moods and tempos so we tried to do the same.”

Their recent single ‘Silver & Gold’ was super infectious (we loved it!) it was also the last song to come together, “that one wasn’t ready until a day or two before we started recording” they explain.

Speaking of their other influences, Taylor Swift makes the cut, along with dance-punk, past and present relationships, karaoke jams (understandable given their history, ehy!) medieval pirates! Sports, Rick and Morty and “definitely no politics.”

This EP is just a step in very big plans though, with aims of a tour next spring and some exploration of the festival scene next year, this will not be the last you hear of Almost Kennedy.