Playing to 600 people is no measly feat, especially when you’re used to 1.34 million fans watching you online. Emma Blackery embarked on yet another headline tour to promote her latest EP ‘Magnetised’, which she brought to Birmingham on a glorious Saturday night. What came with it was 16 songs of angst-filled teen pop-punk dotted with some delightful tempo changes amidst them.

At the young age of 25, Emma has a lot of stories to tell. The beauty in every Emma Blackery song is that there’s always a story behind it, which she often described prior to diving headfirst into the track. Notably, her title track from her fifth EP, Magnetised, tells the story of a boy who she was infatuated with and vice versa but then finding out he had a girlfriend. The mid-tempo ballad was one of the highlights of her set list with its pure emotion.

In a touching tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack on May 22, Emma thanked fans for fighting fear and still supporting live music despite recent events. This descended into a heart-wrenching performance of ‘Human Behaviour’, and there surely wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The quiet swell of the guitar strings and the slight piano melody made this the perfect song for the occasion.

For the pop-punk half of the show, there were blatant comparisons to one of her idols, Hayley Williams of Paramore, but she pulled it off so well and brought her own energy into captivating the audience and covering every centimetre of the stage with her enthusiasm and charm. ‘Sucks to Be You’ was without a doubt the greatest example of this.

2017 marks Emma Blackery’s fifth year as a solo artist, and it shows in her wholesome confidence on stage and the connection she has with her fans, more than likely helped by her relatability on YouTube. It’ll be interesting to see where the star can go from here.