Brighton singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Ellie Ford originally began creating music with no other materials apart from an old tape player and her vocal chords. Therefore it is unsurprising to find that many years later these experiments, demos, releases and EPs have culminated into a minimalistic and sparse debut LP. 

‘The Other Sun’ begins with Ellie seemingly musing to herself, pondering on the past and cathartically reminiscing on an intoxicated encounter. A mournful drum beat punctuates the slow moving sonnet as a warm male vocal accompanies the aerial tones of Ford during the chorus. She once again branches off alone during an introspective monologue with poetic structure in a similar manner to Laura Marling. 

There’s a wonderful sense of ownership on this record, this is an extension of Ellie’s subconscious as she writes from personal experience whether good or bad exemplified by the wistful ‘How Do You Know’.

Its a fairly bitter almost savage lyrical track yet it still comes across gracefully with an ethereal voice and gentle harp keeping pace while the anger comes courtesy of a far more vicious guitar string. Previous single ‘July’ has a Nick Mulvey-esque acoustic melody quickening the pace while here Ellie’s vocal saunters and skips between the highest octaves into a near spoken folk-pop style during the verses much in the way of her inspiration Joni Mitchell.

I respect the courage to rarely move from one style or tone during the entirety of this album, it has a consistency reminiscent of Villagers’ LP ‘Darling Arithmetic’ of 2015. 

Although it means at times you are left slightly disengaged with tracks such as ‘Ten Times’, there are subtle ornamentations added such as ‘Reprise’ which pull you back for the majestic ‘My Bird Won’t Sing’. On closing track ‘Blackout’ Ellie is joined once again by the vocalist from the album’s opener for a rousing and organic final ditty. It is this charming finale that embodies the sentiments and style of ‘The Other Sun’, a perfectly personable and reflective collection of songs from an artist with true nature and intention.