Equally one of the UK’s most exciting and promising talents Eliza Shaddad has released her anticipated ‘Run’ EP.  The long awaited follow-up to the ‘Waters’ EP of 2014, this is undoubtedly Shaddad’s strongest collection to date. A known descendant of artists, poets and performers it would seem Eliza is taking the creative baton and aptly running with it on this sophomore EP. Its title track is the grandest, most ambitious thing she has recorded and produced with spirited guitars and sweeping vocals complimenting her forlorn passion.

Unheard ‘Always’ has a droning, soothing quality as psychedelic guitar riffs and clattering, echoed percussion acts as chorus before Eliza reintroduces her somber vocals into the equation. This voice feels warm and wise in a manner of greats such as Nina Simone while remaining undeniably fresh and current. This track demonstrates a courageous approach to dispelling female led vocal performance as Shaddad dismisses the need for swelling choruses and artificial crescendo in turn for something altogether more sophisticated. ‘Make It Go Away’ has added dramatics within its main vocal hook as Eliza showcases the lower bravados of her vocal range to meld with deep-seated bass notes.

Although many British artists have explored with R & B infused pop structures, Eliza Shaddad feels to be one of the most intelligent and arrived musicians to do this for years. Within this EP she proves her knowledge of genre, convention, vocal delivery, production and instrumentation.  Opener ‘Wars’ proves Shaddad’s immediate appeal as she brings 70s folk/pop rushing immediately into the 21st century collecting dramatic percussion and warm psychedelica en route to arrive as Britain’s answer to exhausted, recycled pop.