electricguestpluralNot many bands wait so long to release their sophomore album. After the success of their debut album Mondo, Electric Guest are finally back, a whole five years later with Plural. Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton have been going strong for six years now, so what a perfect way to mark such a milestone than with some fresh new music.

Recorded in their home city, the Los Angeles-based duo have muted their electro pop into a mature album, a sign of the times. Especially after the song they’re most famous for ‘This Head I Hold’, the upbeat track from their 2012 debut.

Closest to achieving the catchiness of this is ‘Back For Me’ shows them at their most 2012-selves. The combination of vintage pop and solid beats makes it a track you’ll hit repeat on time and time again.


The highlight of the duo’s album would be the dreamy collaboration with HAIM on ‘Dear To Me’, a spiritual successor to the debut to mark the next step in the band’s life. Absolute genius to couple Taccone’s distinct vocals with that of the trademark HAIM sound. It’s only made better by the star-studded video, with the sisters and strangely enough, Andy Samberg of Lonely Island fame.

Around these two singles, the album merges into one wistful journey of electro pop with occasional spikes in much-needed tempo. ‘Sarah’ is the one that combines both to dramatic effect to display a sense of longing that was long lost in the album since the final note in ‘Dear To Me’.

Plural is the embodiment of a sophomore album. Showing a sense of maturity while still toying with the playfulness of their debut from five years prior. It’ll be interesting to see the next step Electric Guest take after such a cosmopolitan album.