At just ten minutes long, Diet Cig’s 2015 EP Over Easy teased massive potential and finally, their long awaited debut album is here to prove that the duo can more than meet the hype.

Much of the record is about growth and learning with themes of being “really fucking sad” throughout. Diary-like lyrics reflecting on dreams and doubt are soundtracked by fast paced drumming and lightly distorted guitar. The introspective conflict of growing up are captured eloquently on ‘Barf Day’, where the childlike innocence of “I just wanna have ice cream on my birthday” is followed by “and blow the candles out and wish all of my pain away”. The chorus of “I swear I’m good at this” in ‘Blob Zombie’ sounds unconfident but driven, with guitarist Alex Luciano singing about wanting to be the best despite not wanting to leave her bed. It’s purposely messy at times, as if the scrappy guitars were mimicking the lyrical content.

The quiet, single minute long ‘Apricots’ details a precise learning curve about going to the supermarket and buying ”all the things I think my mum would get”, while ‘Bath Bomb’ is about lying in the bath waiting to decay. It doesn’t dwell on the gloomy sadness of that bit past adolescence though, instead the subject matters are expressed with a kind of cathartic angst that creates a general feeling that it’ll all be ok soon.