Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, but based in Manchester, Delamere have been delivering some steady, consistently good quality indie music for quite some time now.

They’ve now not only released their self titled debut album, but they’re also the flagship release for Scruff of the Neck records (no pressure though, right?)

It seems they were more than ready to rise to the challenge however, having honed their sound through a veritable amount of high-octane live shows. They’ve supported the likes of fellow indie greats Peace and Palma Violets and now they’ve got themselves a perfect formula of indie sounds and electrifying guitar pop.

Track ‘Heart’ off the album had already received its fair share of recognition after being played on E4’s Made in Chelsea, with it’s massively infectious chorus infused with nostalgic guitar riffs, it’s no surprise that this is a definite highlight of their debut effort.

Similarly with ‘Bright Young Things’, a track that also made an appearance on the aforementioned show; it’s a credit to the album, energetic and will invade your body and have you – at the very least – nodding your head along to the rhythm.

‘Regress’ sees them embrace their more playful side, favouring the keyboard over their standard guitars. They make sure not to lose their edge however, adding a whole load of distortion and a powerful guitar riff for good measure in the chorus.

They’re not all about the fast paced tracks either, taking things down a few notches in ‘Kill It’, a somewhat mature slow builder with an impressive drum presence for the chorus. It’s clear that these guys like themselves a big, attention-grabbing chorus.

They’ve followed the lead of other indie bands around today, for instance Blossoms, and included a nostalgic 80’s influenced feel to it; this is ever present in ‘Black and White Space’.

This is a solid debut effort, it’s clear that there’s a lot of potential brewing. They ever so slightly touch upon different genre directions, even getting a little experimental in ‘Betty Boop’… they’re a band finding their feet and if this is what they sound like at the start of their discovery journey then we should all be very excited.