She recently unveiled her latest track ‘Healing In Love’ and we, er, fell in love – but there’s more than that that makes her one to watch! So we tracked down London songstress DELAIRE to ask about her new material, her musical journey and who her dream collaborations would be…

You have just unveiled your stunning new single ‘Healing In Love’ and we are big fans! Tell us a little about what inspired the track.

The track (like all my music) is completely reflective of times in my life. ‘Healing In Love’ has a quite a few little stories inside, but I guess the main idea of the song is about getting into bed with someone to get over someone else. I suppose it should be called ‘Healing In Lust’!

Your music combines elements of soul, RnB and electronica to create a classy and unique sound. How do you balance all of your influences? Has it taken a long time to perfect?

To be totally honest, I am still working on finding my sound. I have recently started working with Darren Watts from the amazing band Croox and together we have been doing some great work on finding my true sound.

Your previous single ‘Hey You’ was a fantastically smooth pop track, whilst ‘Don’t Move’ was deliciously funky. Has pop always been a big love of yours? Does pop inspire the music that you want to create?

I love RnB and Electronica but I will always be a pop girl at heart. I’m a 90’s child so I guess I take a lot of influence from that era. I love a chorus and I love a sexy hook. There was a weird phase where “pop” music lost the “cool” effect, I’m glad it’s making its way back better than ever.

You have recently been working on a tonne of new material with Helsinki collective F.U.N.C. How did you begin collaborating with them? Do you feel that together you have pushed the boundaries of your music?

I am actually working with lots of new producers right now, the boys from Helsinki are great but we are at the start of our musical journey.. so I will report back!

Tell us about your musical journey. Was there a specific moment when you realised that you wanted to create music? How long have you been singing?

I have always loved music, and basically forced my parents to send me to a performing arts school! There was a point after sixth form where I decided to give university a go, but soon realised that my heart lay with music, so I picked up my guitar again and just started writing and writing. It took my a while to find myself musically.

If you could collaborate with any three artists in the world, who would they be and why?

I think about this ALL the time! I am super into NAO’s new album, I saw her live the other week and am pretty much in love. I would love to do a tune with Kylie, I reckon she would be SO FUN! Lastly… I think it would have to be The XX, I don’t think I need to explain why! They’re insanely emotional and captivating, I fall so hard for that.

We saw that you played a gig in a forest for LeeFest this summer as well performing at Blissfields. Was this your first year playing at festivals? What was the experience like for you and what can an audience expect from your live show?

Yeah the festival scene is so new to me, it’s scary cause you don’t get a sound check or anything but I loved it. The crowd were amazing at both and I met some of my first ever fans. They were a group of amazing young girls who were totally gorgeous.

My liver set varies from fun tunes that you can dance to and quite intense moments in the music. I hope to take the crowd on a journey with me.

You recently recorded a live session at Maida Vale for the BBC. What was it like to perform your music in such an iconic studio?

It was unreal. Elton John had been there the day before so we basically were sharing oxygen. The team who we worked with were just so amazing that I felt SO at ease, despite being live across ALL BBC national stations. My mum cried! It was a real moment.

Delaire’s ‘Healing In Love’ can be heard on Soundcloud.