After his brilliant EP The Lingering Effects of Disconnection last November, Daudi Matsiko has released an even more wonderful album. An Introduction To Failure might somehow be like a less optimistic title than the EP, but throughout, the Nottingham singer offers a strong sense of hope in his quiet delivery.

Described as “skewed minimal electronics with fractured folk that has been influenced by musical discoveries from his Ugandan heritage”, the record showcases moments of pain with unglamourous lyrics, yet a hushed delivery that eases the blunt and cruel imagery. Its dark, beautiful folk with Bon Iver-esque elements which need close attention to be truly appreciated. ‘Take Me Old’, for example, a song about undying love, despite old age becomes a heartbreakingly beautiful concept through whispered lyrics like “I may forget faces, names, our favourite memories, but know my heart is full.”

‘Sandwiches’ is one of the album’s darker moments, written about one of the worst nights of Matsiko’s life, during time where all he did was “listen to Tyler The Creator’s Bastard, read Kill Your Friends, and eat jelly babies from Sainsbury’s. I ate loads of those” he says. The track’s intimate production creeps up on you throughout, like the all-consuming hatred he sings of.

‘Houston In The Blind’, with its steady fingerpicking and soulful backing vocals, is another highlight. In the same vein as the rest of the album, it’s a slow, introverted reflection on life, named after a phrase about not knowing if you, or someone has got the message. While it doesn’t deviate from this tone much, Matsiko somehow makes expressing and admitting inner pain and turmoil relatable and comforting.


Daudi will be playing these dates:

25th May – Jamcafe, Nottingham

26th May – The Slaughtered Lamb, London

31st May – The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

1st June – Stereo Cafe, Glasgow

2nd June – Cromarty Arts Trust, Cromarty

30th Sept – 7 Layers Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam