Those we’re on the edge of our seats willing to come back to us…

Every year we do this and every year our wishes partly get answered and partly shatter into a million pieces (see Kayleigh Watson’s entries)

At the end of the day, that’s all part of the fun really, isn’t it?


Soko has been teasing a comeback all year. Her serene cover of Yves Simon’s ‘Diabolo Menthe’, her collaboration on Launder’s shoegaze-y ‘Keep You Close’ and her appearance on Sam Spiegel’s dramatic, dance-y ‘Obsession’ all prove just how brilliantly versatile she is. Three years since ‘My Dreams Dictate My Reality’ and six since ‘I Thought I Was An Alien’, its hopeful that 2019 will mark another Soko release. – Tobias Pugh


Two years ago, DIY punk collective Martha released their brilliant second album Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart. Featuring songs where influential anarchist writer Emma Goldman became a detective, the experience of lust in a supermarket and tales of being queer in a catholic school. It was full of personality, politics and fun; a perfect beacon of hope in 2016 which will certainly make 2019 more bearable too. – TP

Danny Brown

2016’s ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ was a landmark moment for Detroit rapper Danny Brown. A rap album quite unlike any other, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ contained pain, suffering, and all round weird music, landing Danny at the top of the pile in rap’s underground clientele. Fast forward to 2018, and we still haven’t seen a follow up to that seminal album.

We haven’t been totally clear of Danny Brown though. Having started work on Twitch streaming, the rapper has been easy to hear from. His contagious personality has been at hard at work in 2018, but we still await with baited breath to finally hear that fifth album. Charlie Leach 

Vampire Weekend 

How has it already been five years since Vampire Weekend last released an album? The band’s long anticipated fourth album has seemingly been in the works for an eternity. With Rostam leaving in 2016, it might be argued that the band’s recording process has been scuppered somewhat. We’re sure though that our indie darlings will be able to bring out another fantastic record to top their conceptual last effort from 2013, ‘Modern Vampires Of The City’, a surprisingly bleak foray into an apocalyptic world. Maybe that album would have been more apt this year… CL


It’s been seven years thus far, but the Noughties’ finest electronica group Ladytron’s new album is finally coming in 2019. With bangers like ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’, ‘Seventeen’ and a prolific remix catalogue, the Liverpool lot have had plenty of time to cook up another classic, with many new ideas and influences to take inspiration from. If singles ‘The Animals’, ‘The Island’ and ‘Far From Home’ are anything to go by, we can expect some disco and maybe something grittier. Molly Forsyth

Flying Lotus

The mind-warp of Flying Lotus’s 2015 masterpiece ‘You’re Dead’ left a profound effect on the future of hiphop. The avant-garde sound of clipped electronics and manipulated funk and psychedelic is clearly mimicked on the hottest records of this year, from Astroworld to the Black Panther soundtrack, evoking the work of FL and his contemporaries J Dilla and Madlib. In a world where creativity in beat-making seems to keep depleting, Steven Ellison could be the man to keep the spirit alive in 2019. MF

Patrick Wolf

Where oh where has Patrick Wolf been? A whole six years has passed since the release of his sixth album Lupercalia and his absence has left a gaping void in the world of alternative pop. His truly unique blend of folk, electronica and otherworldly vocal took a brighter turn in his 2012 release, eschewing the darker, melancholia tones of The Bachelor or Wind in the Wires.

Wolf last released an anniversary EP, Sundark and Riverlight to celebrate his ten years as a recording artist, reimagining his some of his most well known numbers and taking them on an intimate and pared back acoustic tour. Now married, one can only wonder how finding true love will influence his work so previously entrenched in heartache and loneliness. Either way, it will no doubt be captivating.

PS. There’s hope on the horizon! Kayleigh Watson

(As above, so below. I mean, one year I’ll be right…)

FKA Twigs

Now, if you have keen eyes you may recall that one particular writer may have picked one particular FKA Twigs for her comeback list this time last year (NB: and the year before, lol). Did she return? Um, no, but she did persist in releasing some interesting art this year, as always. From her stunning dance performance in the inspired collaborative advert with Apple for their HomePod to her innovative visual Instagram magazine AVANTgarden and feature on A$AP Rocky’s ‘Fukk Sleep’, Twigs is never one to rest on her laurels when it comes to creativity. Having opted to focus on the visual than the audible in the past two three years (as well as taking up pole art), her last release proper being her experimental EP M3LL155X and sleuth single ‘Good To Love’one can only hope that 2019!!! will be the year where she unleashes her next chapter as a musician. For one’s dignity. KW


Remember that Summer a couple of years a go when you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the wistful sounds of ‘What’s It Gonna Be’? Wasn’t that great? Don’t we want that again? Yes, yes we do. Hopefully 2019 can be the year that Shura makes her mighty return to the airwaves with a follow up to that fantastic debut album. We all know that we want it, so hopefully it can be made a reality. Samantha Daly 


Now, bare with me for this one. We all love ABBA, if you don’t then you’re just lying to yourself. This has already been a pretty ABBA-filled year. I personally started it off with going to the ABBA Super Troupers Exhibition in Southbank Centre, in London. Then, not even a month ago ABBA found the internet! They now have a Twitter account!

There were rumours that there would be a brand new ABBA track for us this December, but we’re nearing the end and there hasn’t been anything yet (disclaimer, we’re writing this on the 19th December), but there’s still hope, if not for this month… then next year! SD

Tame Impala

2018 was a quiet year for Tame Impala. Aside from a few collaborative singles, work for/with other artists and a few tour dates towards the end of the year, Kevin Parker’s acclaimed psychedelic rock project has been largely anonymous. This hopefully looks set to change in 2019. Parker has hinted in recent times that he would love the chance to headline a stage at Glastonbury, as well as revealing that he hopes that a new Tame Impala album will surface by the summer. I’m not trying to put 2 + 2 together, but these sound like two events that could go hand in hand. Until then though, we’ll just have to cope with having the infectious funky bassline of ‘The Less I Know The Better’ whirring around in our heads. Kieran Rogers

The Hotelier

While by no means one of the poster boys, The Hotelier are without a doubt one of the most critically acclaimed bands of the recent emo revival scene. 2014s Home, Like NoPlace Is There and 2016s Goodness were both lauded by critics and fans alike for their honest songwriting and authentic sound that veered away from some of the melodramatic tropes that the emo scene is often criticised for. The outfit have struck a chord with their mature and honest sound. This writer is hopeful that 2019 will see them add more classics like ‘Your Deep Rest’ and ‘Piano Player’ to their back catalogue. KR