With just one month to go until CloseUp Festival 2018, we caught up with London’s dark pop band Hows Harry who are revving up to play the Main Stage.

For those who don’t know Hows Harry, could you introduce and tell us a bit about yourselves?

Well, we all met at school and now live together in South East London and dedicate our time to trying to write tasty tasty tunes in the How’s Harry HQ.

What can we expect from your set at CloseUp Festival?

Lots and lots of fresh tunes, big beats and big vibes. We’ll have just come off tour so we’ll be really in the groove and ready to get everyone having a good time. 

What are you expecting from the crowd and the festival itself?

It’s always great when crowds are engaged. Whether or not they know you before coming to see the show it always works best when the crowd have open minds and open ears and having played CloseUp Festival last year, we know that that is what we’re going to get.

Who are you most excited to see while you’re there?

All the bands look really cool but if pushed to pick, probably Spinn and The New Coast

Why should people come to CloseUp Festival?

They should come for a good time and you get a load of really cool up and coming bands in one big dose in the heart of one of London’s trendiest areas – why wouldn’t you?

CloseUp Festival 2018 will take place at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London on 12th May. Get your tickets here.