Not long now! With just over 1 week to go until CloseUp Festival 2018, FOURS provided us a little insight…

For those who don’t know FOURS, could you introduce and tell us a bit about yourself?

We are four slightly above average height Londoners who write pop tunes together. We have been a band for a few years and our hobbies include talking nonsense until 4am and touring in cars that are much too small to fit us in. I hope the music is fun and upbeat, the songs are generally written about men being annoying or me being annoying, depending on whether I feel self-conscious or empowered at the time of writing.

What can we expect from your set at CloseUp Festival?

Lots of dancing and hopefully some clapping. Our latest single is currently our favourite to play live, so you can get excited for that one! We will also be playing a brand new one too, once we decide which is our favourite. Expect my best friend to sing every word, loudly at the front, because that’s what happens at every gig we’ve ever played!

What are you expecting from the crowd and the festival itself?

Well we were due to play last year but I got sick, and the boys went anyway and had a ball! I’m expecting a fun crowd, every CloseUp show we’ve played has been great! Hoping for beautiful sunshine so everyone’s in a good mood, that’s always a plus.

Who are you most excited to see while you’re there?

Well our pals Childcare are playing. I am a huge fangirl and know every word, they are awesome! So definitely check them out, I’ll be front and centre. We also love joan, they are effortlessly cool!

Why should people come to CloseUp Festival?

To see FOURS play, of course!

CloseUp Festival 2018 will take place at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London on 12th May. Get your tickets here.