The countdown has begun! With just 3 weeks to go, CloseUp Festival’s newest band provided us a little insight into what to expect…

For those who don’t know Arcade Hearts, could you introduce and tell us a bit about yourselves?

Hey! Arcade Hearts are a four-piece Indie-Pop-Disco(ish) band from the south coast. We’ve been going solidly for 18 months and like ’80s pop.

What can we expect from your set at CloseUp Festival?

Hopefully a really polished, energetic show. We would have played a few shows leading up to it and have been rehearsing pretty hard! 

Plus that ’80s playlist would have been in the van the whole way, so stage presence should be strong aha! 

What are you expecting from the crowd and the festival itself?

We honestly have no expectations. We’re the newest of newcomers on this festival so every outcome is completely possible! But that is the fun part of this stage, you never know what to expect from any gig.

Who are you most excited to see while you’re there?

We’d be completely lying if we didn’t mention Kyko, just blowing up recently. Obviously Jerry Williams, she’s a great friend of ours and we were pretty hard fans before we met her! Fours are also right up our street, Grade A indie-pop from that lot. Glass Peaks and Submariner are on our friends list so would be fun to see what they’ve been up to! 

Childcare, a very interesting band indeed, some spectacular songwriting that I’m itching to see how it’s delivered live. 

Why should people come to CloseUp Festival? 

The only real response to that is, why not? So like, if you physically can’t afford the travel and entry, or you already have solid plans that you can’t pass on. Otherwise there’s nothing about it that says “I shouldn’t go to that”. 

CloseUp Festival 2018 will take place at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London on 12th May. Get your tickets here.