Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have been on the music scene a long time, doing away with the typical label system, and instead solely focussing on the support of music blogs. Last remaining member Alec Ounsworth has found a way to endure the cold hard time of the Internet, and come out on top. With their fifth full-length studio album, ‘The Tourist’ signals yet another step in the experimental direction CYHSY are famed for doing.

Although it’s hardly uncommon that the opening track sets the pace for the rest of the album, ‘The Pilot’ nails that task in three short minutes. The fluctuating vocals paired with mismatched instrumentals are the perfect formula for CYHSY. This repeats throughout the album, with no set angle on what is going on at all.

‘Fireproof’ is without a doubt when Ounsworth fine-tunes their style to perfection. It takes 6 tracks to do so, but when it does you can see why it’s worth the wait. The combination of swirling instrumentals and his gravelly tone of voice merge to bring a rousing, but odd indie track.

Having been around for a dozen years or so, you can see throughout their five albums just how much the band has evolved, partly through departing members, partly due to the adaptable capabilities of Ounsworth. ‘The Tourist’ is yet another signal that CYHSY will be bringing us more oddities in years to come.