We really are spoiling you this holiday season, yet another Christmas Cracker here, complete with a QA with Tommy Ashby paired with his top 11 tracks of 2017.

If you’re not yet acquainted with Tommy Ashby, prepare to fall in love. His smooth and soulful vocals and emotive lyrics come in one hell of a relatable song package that you’re going to find it very hard to resist.

Watch his video for ‘Guilty’ here, and be sure to listen to his top 11 tracks of 2017 with the playlist further down, it features bangers from the likes of Flyte, Rosie Carney and Tom Speight! 

What have been your most memorable moments of 2017?

I got to play at a festival on a beautiful tiny island in Spain. We stayed on the island in an austere looking manor house, which in the past was also a prisoner of war camp and a leper colony. It just had weird and interesting stuff all over it and tropical weather, so it was great. Also doing my first arena tour playing for Jamie Lawson was cool and selling out my own London headline show were also big highlights.


What’s your album of the year?

Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger in the Alps


What was the best gig (besides your own) that you’ve been to this year?

Justin Townes Earl at The Omeara. It’s a cool venue, I went along with my family and he was really funny; I’m a big fan of his guitar playing and songwriting so it was a perfect mix. He’s one of those guys where you look forward to the chat in between songs as much as the songs themselves.


Where will you be this Christmas and New Year?

I will be somewhere in the back of beyond, in Northumberland with my mum’s side of the family. We’re staying in a big cottage, it’s gonna be beautiful mayhem.


What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink at Christmas?

I always enjoy the Christmas dinner left-over sandwiches on boxing day – I’m a guzzler and shoving everything in bread is always gonna be my favourite.


What’s the best and worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

I don’t think I’ve ever received a bad Christmas present; my sister did get me Clearasil spot cream one year in my teens but I think she had good intentions.

Best present was probably my first electric guitar. I can still remember seeing it perched on the sofa; it was the guitar that took me from single digits all the way to university.


Do you have any resolutions for 2018?

Worry less.


What is one thing you hope does not continue into 2018?

Everyone’s sense of impending doom!? I think 2018 is gonna be awesome!


What album are you hoping for/looking forward to the most from 2018?

When we were on the road in the US in spring we broke down and ended up in Woodstock, where another one of our buddies, ‘Rhodes’, was recording his new album. I have heard none of it but he is so talented so I can’t wait to hear it.


What band/act do you think we should keep our eyes on in 2018?

A lot of great musicians I know have been working really hard on new music; Nina Nesbitt, Rhodes, Tom Speight, WOWH, Holly Macve and Jamie Lawson are a few I’m really looking forward to hearing from next year. Also, anything that Blake Mills or Dave Cobb produce!

Check out Tommy’s Top 11 Tracks of the year in this handy playlist below…