Strumming his way into the peoples hearts, Sleephawk’s debut has had a fantastic welcoming year.

Earlier this year Sleephawk’s, Matt Wright released the debut EP ‘Glass’ in which Born described what had been learnt about him and how far his talent reaches as, “… his seemingly innate ability to craft tangible atmosphere into his soundscapes, perhaps stemming from a love of Radiohead and Bon Iver – and of course, video games.”

We managed to find out the best of 2o18, how christmas is being spent and the build up of excitement towards 2019:

1. What have been your most memorable moments of 2018?
1st place; Laying on the grass of Victoria Park, watching the xx at All Points East festival with my girlfriend.

2nd place; watching Die Antwoord at Boomtown.

3rd place; performing my own debut EP with my friend & wizard producer James Ratcliffe at Ace Hotel.

Honourable mention; Somnai, which is basically VR theatre. Really was something else.

2. What’s your album of the year?
Sex and Food by Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I’m sure I’m responsible for most of it’s streams. It was an instant favourite for me.

3. What was the best gig (besides your own) that you’ve been to this year?
All Points East & Boomtown as mentioned. Gorillaz were great, got chills watching Flying Lotus in 3D. Sevdaliza, Sylvan Esso. It was all pretty amazing.

4. Where will you be this Christmas and New Year?
I will travelling to the north of France with my girlfriend for Xmas. Then it’s back to London for New Years for a good ol’ fashioned house party.

5. What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink at Christmas?
I can eat stuffing balls like crisps. It’s not a pretty sight. I’m also a mulled wine lover.

6. What’s the best and worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?
Worst present ever would be a Christmas jumper. I liked it, but it became immediately redundant on the 26th.

Best present would be my first ever guitar, which will always be hard to top, just because I really loved that thing.

7. Do you have any resolutions for 2019?
Not really. But I am going to try Dry January.

8. What is one thing you hope does not continue into 2019?Brexit.

9. What album are you hoping for/looking forward to the most from 2019?
I would love to see another James Blake album. His latest songs ‘If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead’ and ‘Don’t Miss It’ had my head spinning and I’m desperate to hear more now.

10. What band/act do you think we should keep our eyes on in 2019?
Sam Fender. He’s already doing so well, I just think next year he’ll take over the world, and completely deserves to. ‘Dead Boys’ and ‘Play God’ really hit my heartstrings.