Look back on 2017 with Haux in this festive chat, complete with his top 10 tracks of the year!

We’ve absolutely loved Haux this year, he’s soundtracked our night time drives and wow’d us with a string quartet in London and now he’s here in this Christmas Cracker!

First things first however, check out this live video of ‘Cologne’ a completely stunning track from start to finish.

What have been your most memorable moments of 2017?

The most memorable moment for me this year was playing a sold out show at Hoxton Hall this autumn. That moment by far gave me the most chills.
What’s your album of the year?

It has to be Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger in the Alps. I remember listening to it driving through the alps and thinking good music is when an album feels like yours and only yours. To me, that album is good music.


What was the best gig (besides your own) that you’ve been to this year?

It’s always a breathtaking experience listening to Rosie Carney sing.. her voice seems to fill me up with warmth. I was fortunate to have her supporting several shows in Europe this past spring, those were the best shows for me.
Where will you be this Christmas and New Year?

I’ll be at home in the Berkshires nestled up in all of the blankets singing along to Judy Garland.
What’s your favourite thing to eat or drink at Christmas?

Every year my family does brunch on christmas. So for me it’s got to be bagels with lox.


What’s the best and worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

I love giving gifts much more than receiving them.. I can never hide my true reactions. The worst I’ve gotten is a year supply of goats milk and I’m allergic to dairy. The best gift is being with family.
Do you have any resolutions for 2018?

To make things that scare me.
What is one thing you hope does not continue into 2018?

I hope 2018 brings a lot more fog, I love fog..


What album are you hoping for/looking forward to the most from 2018?

If the rumblings of a third Frank Ocean album are true, then I’m most looking forward to that. I know I can count on him to deliver.


What band/act do you think we should keep our eyes on in 2018? 

Rae Morris.


Check out Haux’s Top 10 Tracks of the year in this handy playlist below.