Making a super-charged entrace to 2018 with a debut single and video, Eyesore & The Jinx have been welcomed with open arms, and highly rated reviews!

Earlier this year, Eyesore & The Jinx welcomed the world to their sound. Releasing ‘Gated Community’ and music video which was as we quoted “an attack on the current political climate in the West”, done brilliantly through a pixalised world.

We managed to get a little closer, and take a cosier look into their lives this Christmas through band member Josh Miller (vocals and bass):

 1. What’s your album of the year and what’s the best track?
I think it’s been a funny little year for music. In recent years, as I’ve withered like a grossly oversized raisin, my enthusiasm for most new music hasn’t been what it once was. This year though has been a bit of an exception. I’ve enjoyed a fair old bit of new stuff; Viagra Boys, Insecure Men and Warmduscher to name a few. But, for me, it was old favourites Parquet Courts who coughed up the goods with the best album and best track of the year. The album being ‘Wide Awake’. As for best track, I could give any, on any given day but, right now (having just watched Everton lose to 2019 Barclay’s Premier League winners Manchester City) I’m going to go with ‘Total Football’. Great vocal. Great bass line. And the “f*ck Tom Brady” line at the very end catches me right in the chops every time. I don’t even know who he is but, he sounds like a pr*ck.

 2. How has your year been for you?
A mixed bag really. But then again isn’t every year. Could have done without the rise in fascism, the isolationist politics, the refusal of certain global economic power houses to acknowledge that sea levels are rising to a point where at some point in the our life time Llandudno isn’t going to be a thing anymore (which is a shame, because I haven’t had a chance to visit yet and I’ve heard nothing but nice things). Things I enjoyed this year were; those few months earlier in the year where the Weather mistook most of Britain for the South of France (has it’s moments does global warming) and I enjoyed playing with Protomartyr – been a big fan of those fellas for a while, so it was nice to tick that one off. Plus, they were real cuties. Always nice when the bands you like are nice.

3. What would you be most happy to leave behind in 2018?
People who refer to themselves as ‘woke’ and/or refer to other people as ‘cancelled’. Fairly confident that this won’t make it to 2020 anyway, but it needs nipping in the bud sooner rather than later. Also Bounty’s, they’re shite.

4. Where will Eyesore & The Jinx be this Christmas?
I’ll be back in West Derby (North Liverpool) for a family meal and subsequent fight. Liam see’s his family in South Liverpool and Eoghan who unfortunately hasn’t been blessed with a Liverpool postcode will be returning to the Wirral to preside over his kingdom of wools.

5. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
I don’t personally but Liam (our guitarist) tends to send some very tasteful Christmas themed nudes, to his (consenting) close friends in the build up to the big day. These are usually varying scenarios with a variety of conveniently placed items; mistletoe, baubles, contents of a selection box, etc. He says he’s doing a nativity theme this year. I shudder to think.

6. What’s your favourite Christmas jumper?
Believe it or not, I don’t actually own a Christmas jumper as I’m quite a big fan of dignity. Our drummer indulges himself in such things at this time of year though. He has one with little Christmas lights on which I quite like, as it means I can spot him spot him from a distance.

7. What are you having for Christmas dinner?
The usual, all being well. It’s one area where I’m quite the traditionalist. I’m not one of these perverts who goes for a Chinese on the big day. Don’t worry.

8. What are the best/worst Christmas presents you’ve ever received?
There aren’t too many shockers that spring to mind fortunately. Throughout my teens I consistently asked for a drum kit though, and each year I was consistently turned down. Which goes some way to explaining my indifference to all things Christmas as well as my lack of rhythm (wondered how long it would be before this turned into a therapy session). As for good presents, last year I got some slippers that were nicer than my actual shoes. Wearing them right now in fact. Can’t put a price on toasty tootsies. Actually, tell a lie, you can – it’s £14.99.

9. What’s your favourite Christmas cracker joke?
Didn’t realise these were such a big deal. Just googled it, and it’s thrown all kinds at me. Can’t believe someone gets paid to write them as well, fair play to whoever got that gig. Having read through more of them than I care to mention “What does Miley Cyrus have at Christmas? Twerky!” was the best that I came across, and the only one with any vaguely relevant pop culture reference.

10. Which artist/band are you most looking forward to hearing more from in 2019?
It’s too difficult to pick one. Locally I’m really looking forward to seeing what the artists on Eggy Records do next. I think it’s been an exciting year for them and for the first time, in a long time, something genuinely interesting seems to be happening on Merseyside with good people doing it for the right reasons. Yammerer are another band from the North West who we’ve seen a lot of over the last twelve months and who I think are one of the most exciting bands in the country at the minute. On a national level, we’ve spent quite a bit of time in the studio with members of Fat White Family, Clinic and Girl Band over the last few months and there are murmurings that all of them have new things on the way next year, so I’m looking forward to hearing anything/everything from them.