child-careEd Cares, the eccentric persona of ex-To Kill A King guitarist Ian Dudfield and “one of west London’s most in-demand male nannies” is the frontman of Childcare. The group have made a name for themselves as one of the most exciting small acts around, even recently supporting Bastille. With the release of their new EP Made Simple, we spoke to the frontman about the power of live music, surprising influences and the apocalypse.


Apart from the name, how has being a babysitter influenced the music of Childcare? 

I’d like to say something about the innocence and wonder of childhood osmosing into the songs I write but really it’s useful on a purely practical level in that when the kids I look after are at school I can spend the time writing music. I guess the kids do give my confidence a boost too; this morning on the school run Katie (9) was incredulous that this ‘rubbish’ music (A Tribe Called Quest) was being played on daytime radio when our song wasn’t.


Can you tell us about the meaning behind your new song ‘Dust’? 

It’s a lightish-hearted look at the end of the world due to nuclear attack or global warming, written by someone who knows his time is soon up.


Playing live is pretty important to you, what do you think you bring to a performance to make it extra special?
I think basically I just love it, we all do, it’s easily my favourite thing to do in the world and I’m sure that comes across and makes us a better band to watch. The feeling of power and joy it brings is incomparable and is the main reason I do this.


How does the persona of Ed Cares differ from Ian Dudfield?
He’s exactly the same fortunately; makes my life a lot easier.



What would you say your Mantra or objective is as a band?
Ok nice. Umm. We wanna make exciting, non-cliched, fun guitar music that doesn’t take itself too seriously but does have small sections of progressive harmony.


Are there any artists you’re into that we might not expect from the

Schumann. Darude.


We’ve seen you before as the guitarist in To Kill A King, what’s the biggest difference between being in these two bands?
I get to write the songs and be the front man in this band so that’s a fairly major difference. I loved being in To Kill A King but this feels like the right thing to be doing.


What can we expect from you next?

Few shows including the Great Escape, some festivals. Next single in August!