charlotteocbannerAfter a couple of single releases last year, we were due a new album from British singer-songwriter Charlotte OC. Having been six years since the release of her last full LP, ‘Careless People’ gives us a full taste of what she can offer in the ever-changing music world.

If OC is anything in this album, it’s massively consistent. She rarely strays from her comfort zone but when she does, the impact is phenomenal. She’s taken to her sound in an exceptional manner, with her low-key, brooding pop with a dark attitude surrounding itself.

‘Shell’ can be the epitome of what she has achieved over her career. “I’m just a shell of who I was before”. The interchangeable way she varies her voice in this track shows a sense of maturity coupled with the nostalgia of a past relationship and the new person she is now because of it.

Even in ‘Medicine Man’, she weaves an epic song of differing tones and beats to achieve the pop-noir track she and her fans desire. “I take you like a drug and you take me to heaven”. Throughout the album, she portrays the sense of longing in a wistful sense, but with an attitude that cannot be rivalled.

The highlight of the album happens to be lead single ‘The Darkest Hour’ in a slow but thumping song, where she delivers her finest performance to date. As the album winds down in the second half, there aren’t any standout tracks like OC delivered in the first half. But they’re necessary to tell the story of the album.

In an album with surprises so few, what Charlotte OC has given us is the perfect example of a pop-noir album, in which we hopefully won’t have to hang around another six years for the next.