Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando Photography

Farewell to the King! The fearsome Macclesfield foursome hung up their hats this November; so it’s only right we give them a proper send-off.

Art-pop-punk pioneers Spring King announced their split on 20th November, so we thought it right and proper to have a look through all their greatest moments and musical masterpieces from this year and beyond. Beginning as the solo project of producer Tarek Musa way back in 2012, Spring King have since won hearts and minds across the globe with their down-to-earth, in-it-for-the-love attitude and fiery punk aesthetic.

After five years as a band, two albums, an opening slot on Apple Musics Beats 1 Radio show, performing live on Jools Holland and more “incredible moments” touring the UK and beyond, the fearsome foursome are finally hanging up their hats in a split that can only truly be described as ‘probably worse than Brexit.’

The support has been huge, with a number of fans, radio presenters, DJs, bands and festival curators alike expressing their love – amidst lots of heartbreak and flabbergast, of course. From Truck Festival, to Zane Lowe, to Radio X’s John Kennedy, everyone took to twitter in droves to show their support for a band that truly changed the game, and gave us so many awesome memories.

And, while we wait to see whatever future projects the four-piece have in store, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite tunes from the fearsome Spring King repertoire that’ll hopefully help soften the blow.

Without further ado, let’s raise a glass and celebrate… Spring King!


The punk pioneers first appeared in earnest back in 2013 with ‘V-V-V-Vampire,’ a storming punk-fuelled swirl of anxiety-inducing psychedelia right from the Spring King arsenal. And if it wasn’t sonically mad enough, the visuals are arguably more manic, with odd-ball green-screen effects and shaky animation ending in a raucous showdown between vampire man and skeleton woman. But that’s just why we love ’em.


The following year came ‘Mumma,’ a raucous riot of feel-good punk-pop goodness packed full of live-show energy. Fuzzy riffs sprawl over punchy beats and jilted keys as the Macclesfield monarchs show us you don’t need money and a fancy studio to make a bangin’ track. That’s right, in true Spring King style, it was recorded in a bedroom, using a disused bathroom as the drum studio.


It’s June 30th, and after a few soundchecks and false starts, former Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe officially opens Apple Music’s Beats 1. And guess what band starts blaring through the speakers? None other than our protagonist and heroes Spring King, with their fiery punk anthem ‘City.’ 


Fast forward to 2016, when the four-piece come armed and dangerous with their dynamic debut album Tell Me If You Like To – the same year the lads cut their teeth at Reading and Leeds festivals, smashing the stage and amassing yet more followers to the Spring King regime. ‘Detroit’ shows exactly how; with massive energy born and bred for the stage. Sleazy punk riffs tear over slamming beats and chant-a-long vocal hooks, with their trademark sense-of-humour shining through in their fantastic blind-date spoof video.


Two years later and the boys are back with ‘Animal,’ the first sneak-peak offering from their second album A Better Life – a searing punk-fuelled powerhouse that makes a myth of ‘Second Album Syndrome.’ Still recorded in a bedroom studio, still rock ‘n’ roll, and still the same old Spring King, but somehow darker, meatier and deliciously heavier. ‘Animal’ takes on a whole new life of its own; there’s no ‘sell out’ here, no radio-rock sugar, just full-on scorching Spring King sleaze.

Let’s Drink

Yes, let’s. We couldn’t think of a more fitting track to end this little Spring King soiree on than this poignant piece. In stark contrast to the raucous high energy of the classic Spring King aesthetic, ‘Let’s Drink’ is a personal, moving and mellow track that showcases the lads’ softer side.

So raise your glass once more, and Let’s Drink… to Spring King!