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Who TF are Velvet Tides?

23 July 2019

The Midlands band are subverting the “B-Town” tag and doing things their own way…

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Who TF are No Hot Ashes?

19 July 2019

Ahead of the release of their upcoming debut album, we got a bit more familiar with No Hot Ashes, one of Greater Manchester’s most exciting new bands

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Who TF are Candid?

17 July 2019

We had a chat with lauded Coventry upstarts Candid to find out about everything from their hometown roots to their lofty future plans

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Who TF are Post-Party?

13 July 2019

The party is just beginning for Post-Party’s career and it’s already looking like a huge success

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Who TF is Max Blansjaar?

11 July 2019

Waiting for the revolution, manipulating feelings and thinking Bach is “dull AF”. We delved inside the mind of Max Blansjaar to find out who TF the lauded Amsterdam import is

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Introducing: Josh Savage

24 June 2019

We got to know the singer-songwriter that little bit better (and he made us a playlist to boot!)

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Premiere: Post-Party – Love You Everyday

20 June 2019

Please welcome Post-Party with their debut single “Love You Everyday”. It’s the type of song that will repeatedly be on your playlist for weeks to come!

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Premiere: Aymee Weir – Feel It Too

20 June 2019

Returning with her first release of 2019, “Feel It Too” is Aymee Weir’s latest glorious sound

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Premiere: The Moonjacks – Bummer

31 May 2019

Lofi’d heavy rock elements scream out within The Moonjacks’ latest single “Bummer”

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