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Spotlight: Destiny Malibu

19 October 2017

This week’s Spotlight artist believes music can heal the world. Meet rising pop star Destiny Malibu.

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Spotlight: Blame The Youth

12 October 2017

The antithesis of the masculine, white bands that saturate the music world, Blame The Youth are our refreshing, exciting and brilliant Spotlight artists this week.

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Spotlight: Dandelion Tea

5 October 2017

Describing their sound as having “that kind of weirdness that tastes like red wine mixed with diet coke”, Belfast’s Dandelion Tea are our Reverbnation Spotlight artists this week.

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Spotlight: Tart Vandelay

28 September 2017

Tart Vandelay, the Seinfeld referencing New York pop group are our brilliant Spotlight artists this week.

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Spotlight: Mopak

21 September 2017

This week’s Reverbnation Spotlight artists are the fantastic Mopak.

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Spotlight: The Pink Diamond Revue

14 September 2017

Not many bands are fronted by an armless mannequin, but The Pink Diamond Revue aren’t like many other bands.

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Spotlight: SunGhosts

7 September 2017

“The finest surf rock sock hop punk rock your ears can taste” – meet Floridian quartet SunGhosts.

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Spotlight: Cuesta Loeb

31 August 2017

After having her music featured in Netflix original To The Bone, NYC dreampop artist Cuesta Loeb is now working on her first full length record.

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Spotlight: Ruby Cikada

24 August 2017

This week’s Spotlight artists are Toronto’s Ruby Cikada, a band that make eclectic, exciting and brilliant music.

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