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Spotlight: Little Grim

23 January 2019

We cannot get enough of Little Grim here at Born Music and we just had to Spotlight them to find out more…

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Spotlight: Chelsea Blues

20 November 2018

This month, we’re shining our SYNCR Spotlight on the incredible Chelsea Blues who provided an insight into her culture, music and poetry.

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Spotlight: Beth Duck

26 October 2018

Ahead of the release of her debut solo single, we spotlighted the incredible Beth Duck and talked collaborations, influences and youth.

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Spotlight: Bryony Dunn

5 October 2018

The lovely Bryony Dunn is next up for our Spotlight in partnership with SYNCR Music.

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Spotlight: Cameron Sanderson

14 September 2018

Thanks to SYNCR Music, we discovered the incredible Cameron Sanderson who we believed deserved a Spotlight…

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Spotlight: TrueHeights

17 August 2018

In partnership with SYNCR Music, this week’s Spotlight features your new favourite rock band, TrueHeights.

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Spotlight: L-Space

3 August 2018

Our Spotlight series in partnership with SYNCR Music continues with the incredibly captivating L-Space.

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Spotlight: Little Dot.Big City

20 July 2018

In our third Spotlight in partnership with SYNCR Music, we discussed secrets to success with the unique Little Dot.Big City.

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Spotlight – Felix Shepherd

30 April 2018

On our second Syncr Spotlight, we speak to rising Birmingham artist Felix Shepherd.

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