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Spotlight: Hatchling

20 July 2017

Formed in 2014 from members of the Trinidadian musician, Hatchling have a[…..]

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Spotlight: Gary Lazer Eyes

13 July 2017

Our Spotlight band this week have possibly our favourite name yet. Meet[…..]

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Spotlight: Spencer and Sequoia

6 July 2017

Spencer and Sequoia are an acoustic, alternative indie pop folk duo living[…..]

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Spotlight: Ashlinn Gray

29 June 2017

South African singer, songwriter and actress Ashlinn Gray calls her music a[…..]

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Spotlight: Permanent Wave

22 June 2017

Permanent Waves combination of “Post-Punk, Surf, and a touch of Disco” is[…..]

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Spotlight: LegPuppy

15 June 2017

“The biggest compliment is when your sound can’t be defined” says LegPuppy[…..]

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Spotlight: Couch Jackets

8 June 2017

This week’s Spotlight artists are “a four piece rock band with keys[…..]

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Spotlight: Femme Vanille

1 June 2017

“It started out as a project in which I explored my interests[…..]

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Spotlight: Ladida

25 May 2017

Ladida is an eccentric rock’n’roll project with a unique and wondrous sound[…..]

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