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Spotlight: Ladida

25 May 2017

Ladida is an eccentric rock’n’roll project with a unique and wondrous sound that’s been described as ‘Alice in Wonderland garage punk’. An amalgamation of playful madness and hard hitting guitars. “The songs are all written to be performed live” says guitarist Rat Westlake, explaining that “the performance/theatrical aspect drives the energy of the music.” There’s […]

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Spotlight: Riverhorse

18 May 2017

Riverhorse is described by frontman Brian Motyll as “gritty yet soothing electrified folk music with a haunting undertone in an awkward yet confident nature.” A perfect description for their brand of indie folk, which began as a solo project but evolved over a few years to become a fully fledged band. “My first songs were […]

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Spotlight: Ex-Nihilo

11 May 2017

Ex-Nihilo are quite a new band at just over a year old, but they sound like they’ve been making music together forever. Born out of a previous project, “we moved from an indie sound to more of an alternative rock sound with some pop elements.” That description, however, doesn’t do the ever-evolving, interweaving mix of […]

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Spotlight: June Divided

4 May 2017

Chris Kissel and Mel Menago started writing music together at college before finding drummer Keith Gill on Craigslist (yes, Craigslist) and getting their manager Lenny Sasso on bass. After more of an alternative rock beginning, their music developed to what can be best described as “indie rock pop electronic synth guitar bass drums vocals super […]

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Spotlight: Tarot Rats

27 April 2017

The music of Tarot Rats “juxtaposes gritty guitars with soulful, melodic vocals” with aims to “bring back the power of the riff to modern music.” An impressive sounding dynamic which is owed in part to their varied musical backgrounds. “We love showing our versatility and it’s empowering to be able to do so. The soul […]

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Spotlight: The Vellas

20 April 2017

“There’s nothing more boring than going to watch a super-talented, polished band play 10 minute long solos.” The Vellas, one of Sheffield’s most exciting up and coming bands, take pride in their “frayed around the edges” scruffy brand of catchy indie rock. “It seemed to us like people in guitar bands were too cool to […]

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Spotlight: Endlings

13 April 2017

Endlings are a Norwegian band making brilliant “psychedelic guitar-pop, reminiscent of the 60’s and 80’s”. In their stellar track ‘Somethin Old’, you can hear the vibes of Pink Floyd and The Beatles, but with hints of Oasis and The Cure living on through them too. Daragh Wearen Murphy, the guy in charge of vocals, guitar […]

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Spotlight: Constellation Flight

6 April 2017

Constellation Flight is the musical project of Kao Kazlauackas, the multi-instrumentalist recording in his home studio Magic Land, whose ideas for melodies come in dreams and whose fantastical music live somewhere between Space and Brazil. As a Brazilian living in Canada, the diversity of sounds in his music creates a wonderful atmosphere, “you can hear […]

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Spotlight: Black Water Boogie

30 March 2017

The music of Black Water Boogie, according to its founder and multi-instrumentalist Michael Patrizzi (13 instruments!), is exactly what its name suggests. But defining it in just three words would be a disservice to the creativity and diversity involved. Its “true Southern, Mississippi made and influenced, folk music with a very comfortable and bluegrassy sound” […]

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