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Spotlight: Arta Kabashi

23 March 2017

Hailing from the small town of Peje in Albania, Arta Kabashi always dreamed big. Her sense of “non-belonging” and ambition put her in direct contrast to others around her who stayed put deep inside their comfort zones “too afraid to dream or do anything outside the ‘system’.” But her passion for music became her escape, […]

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Spotlight: Paris Ray

16 March 2017

In her own words, Paris Ray’s music is “essentially diary entries set to guitar”, its reflective music you would listen to “in a coffee shop or on a long drive.” Her sensitive, emotional music has documented her life since 9th grade, “I wrote songs because it was an outlet for me, and posted the songs online […]

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Spotlight: Matter Halo

9 March 2017

We’re big fans of artists that do things a little differently here at Born, so when we heard Indonesian ‘Aeronautical Folk’ band Matter Halo, we just had to hear more. The concept of their debut album Aerotiva is to have “electronic folk that is recorded with the purpose to make people feel the flight of […]

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Spotlight: Daniel Amedee

2 March 2017

“I’ve fallen into the habit of saying it’s pretty mellow, acoustic driven folky rock stuff” says singer-songwriter Daniel Amedee, describing his musical style modestly. He’s not your standard busker with an acoustic guitar style musician; “I like to use chants and more tribal rhythms mixed with mainstream pop structure”. “When I play live I run […]

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Spotlight: The Anatomy Of…

23 February 2017

  The Anatomy Of… are, in singer Daniel Smiths’ own words, its “traditional Folk storytelling mashed up with Jazz and Soul elements”. In their work there’s a hints of Bright Eyes’ detailing and Neil Young’s storytelling. Like many great storytellers, experience and hardship has formed much of the bands output, using music to diarise his […]

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Spotlight: Mojave Nomads

16 February 2017

Mojave Nomads might just make some of the catchiest guitar music around. Their brand of rock sounds fresh, polished and layered, with synths and production effects adding much to the old guitar/drums/bass format. It’s not revolutionary, but that’s irrelevant, because the songs are brilliant. The band feel like, as their EP title suggests, Black Sheep, […]

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Spotlight: The Undercover Dream Lovers

9 February 2017

Across the five brilliant tracks of Matt Koenig’s debut EP While It’s in Style, the sharp synths, funky bass, warbly guitars and echoey vocals hint at psychedelic powerhouses like Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, all the while retaining their own surreal pop sound. The name, which came to him on a sleepless night of […]

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Spotlight: Mizz June

2 February 2017

It’s hard to pin down the music of Mizz June, people have tried, comparing its elements to house, world music, 90s hip hop and techno. “So,” she says, “there’s no genre that I can think of putting myself in. As an artist, I just want my work to make people feel something.” Her idiosyncratic mix of […]

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Spotlight: The Sky Blues

26 January 2017

The Sky Blues is a Perth based project founded on the concept of gathering “a bunch of our favourite local musicians and artists” to collaborate with and create wonderful, emotional, reflective songs. Their simple, often acoustic set up sounds refreshingly authentic, with raw lyrics complemented by rousing instrumentals. “I think the obvious folk/indie references are […]

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