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Video Premiere: Con Davison – ‘Talk’

21 January 2019

Let’s ‘Talk’ about Con Davison’s latest music video…

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PREMIERE: The Red Leslies – ‘Intercourse Weapon’

17 January 2019

The Red Leslies are heading in the best direction with garage rock track, ‘Intercourse Weapon.’

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PREMIERE: Savannah Sgro – ‘Love Me Like You Used To’

17 January 2019

A heartfelt lyricist is hard to find. That is until you cross paths with Savannah Sgro.

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Video Premiere: STF – ‘Lookalike’

17 January 2019

Imagine seeing your own doppelg√§nger. Now have an exclusive visual into the soundscape & mind of ‘Lookalike.’

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Premier: AVNT GARDS – ‘Silhouettes’

16 January 2019

The Boys are Back!  New Year and New Music from AVNT GARDS.

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10 January 2019

Pulling you in close for her debut track, this is WYLDR’s “Runaway”

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PREMIERE: Emily Chambers – ‘Left Alabama’

3 January 2019

‘Left Alabama’ to become the future of Neo Soul…

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PREMIERE: Boink – ‘Nod at God’

3 December 2018

Six piece art-punk band, Boink are ‘Something Colorful for Sure’…

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15 November 2018

‘No Sleep’ for the LOVE SICK: Glasgow’s dynamic duo have been hard at work on their brand new EP.

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