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Who TF are Arcade Hearts?

8 October 2019

We chatted with Arcade Hearts about their exciting new tunes, dislike of being labelled and distaste for the “online game”

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Who TF are Parkville?

2 October 2019

We had a chat with Melbourne folk-pop trio Parkville to find out more about the artists behind their candid and evocative sound

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Who TF is Char?

1 October 2019

We caught up with emerging new artist Char to find out about everything from her unique perspective on creating music to gaining some insight on her incredible debut single ‘Operator’

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Who TF are Delagrave?

30 September 2019

Once the brainchild and solo project of Lauryn Graves, Carlisle’s Delagrave have developed into a fully formed outfit ready to light up the UK music scene

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Who TF are Somnians?

26 September 2019

As threats of climate change, referendums, and an ever-growing disdain for the status quo looms large, the enigmatic trio of Somnians are here to put the world to rights

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20 September 2019

Following the release of the excellent new single ‘Looking That Way‘, we caught up with exhilarating pop star BETSIE GØLD

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Who TF are Ora the Molecule?

16 September 2019

We caught up with multinational avant-garde pop group Ora the Molecule to shed some light on one of the most unique projects in contemporary music

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Who TF is Aaron Smith?

13 September 2019

We caught up with streaming sensation Aaron Smith to find out exactly what all the fuss is about

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Who TF is EMM?

10 September 2019

One of pop’s most bold and daring characters, we caught up with EMM as she delves in on her hands-on creative style and announces her latest project

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