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Getting to Know… 37 Adventures

17 August 2018

Director Alex Bean talks about the label’s 100th release ‘Collection 1’ (featuring Emily Burns, Jones and more of your favourite artists!) and what it’s really like running a label…

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Getting to know: Blossom Caladrone

14 August 2018

Delivering you another slice of Bestival, we caught up with Blossom Caladrone following her stunning set It's been a week since we trekked home from Bestival, and even with what [READ MORE]
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Introducing: FOXTROTT

3 August 2018

As FOXTROTT, Marie-Hélène L. Delorme creates ethereal music straight from the soul. We spoke to Delorme about her latest project ‘Meditations’.

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Das Body: Oslo Scene Report

31 July 2018

The pop four-piece give us the lowdown on their hometown music scene…

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27 July 2018

Only 6 days to go until Bestival…Who’s excited? We caught up with Mellah to talk all things Bestival, new music and his tips to survive the weekend!

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19 July 2018

The countdown starts for Bestival’s returns in 2 weeks! We caught up with Patawawa before they hit the stage.

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Unwrapped… Theia’s ‘Bad Idea’

19 July 2018

New Zealand’s Theia returns to the music world, cementing her as 2018’s hottest new pop prospect

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Unwrapped… JONES Silver Screen

17 July 2018

Jones releases a stunning new music video for her single 'Silver Screen', with a dreamy feel and elegant visuals, it's truly magical After hearing JONES' New York EP,  released last [READ MORE]
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Getting to know… Peking Duk

9 July 2018

With their tour coming up, it was time we got you up to date with the Australian duo, Peking Duk, talking about their music, new video and giving us the [READ MORE]

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