With songs literally called things like ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade’ and lyrics calling for the death of Donald Trump, Cabbage are not shy about sharing their ideologies. Every track on Terrorist Synthesizer, the third in a series of monthly Eps, seems like a brash, feral statement.

Opener ‘Terrorist Synthesizer’ satirises Tory accusations that the left wing sympathise with terrorists, with a little help from the needle loving Nancy and the speedo wearing Stephen. The simple humorous lyrics are met with “all I need is my MIDI Keyboard, cos I am a terrorist sympathizer, probably their catchiest chorus yet.

‘The Road To Wigan Pier’ (also the title of a George Orwell study into pre-WW2 Northern poverty), compares the disproportional rage to Nazis and FIFA in a raging criticism of social snobbery and political disinterest. They’re a necessary and vital injection of rawness and actual resistance, who know, that with “20 million underfed”, it’s hard not to care, particularly when no one else seems to.

With wild solos and wilder screams, their scrappy cover of ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’ is as unpredictable sounding as the choice of song. It might sound like a fun mess of sloppy guitars and silly voices for their own amusement, but you can’t help wonder if this too is a metaphor for the downtrodden. Either way, it certainly doesn’t hurt the accolade of “Manchester’s most exciting new band.”

At nearly nine minutes, ‘Because You’re Worth It’ is a scruffily brilliant ode to pessimism. With drowsily played 50s pop style guitars, the apocalyptic closer contains the Fat White Family style logic of “let the Manson’s all run free” and hints of corrupt global conspiracies; “It’s nice to be ISIS when they’ve got plenty of friends”. Their crude and surreal humour infuses itself with serious political messages, which blend perfectly with dreams of Space Raiders and Buckfast. In a broken society, Cabbage are its shattered remains of hope and absurdity, and they couldn’t sound any more exciting.