Before our Blogtober event tomorrow (!!!) we had a chat with the fantastic Bryde…

Keep reading to find out about new music, the other Blogtober acts and what to expect at the show!

We loved your last single ‘Less’, can we expect more new music any time soon?

Yes! New music in November…watch this space.


Have you listened to Violet or Babyteeth, the other acts playing our Blogtober gig? If so, what do you think of them?

I have, I always listen to bands I’m going to be playing with. Hated them nah I think they’re both extremely cool sounding acts with some great songs.


You’ve recently toured with Banfi, what was that experience like?

It’s always a compliment to be asked to go on tour with a band. Their audiences were so friendly and attentive. It’s not on every occasion that an audience are silent for the whole of a support act’s set so I’m super grateful to them for that. The boys are loads of fun too. A few late night kebab shop hangs were had.


How would you say your music translates in a live setting?

I think it’s more visceral and more literal. The songs have emotion wrapped up in them that only a gig can convey. Can’t see us hammering our guitars on Spotify.


Do you have any pre or post gig rituals?

Some weirdo noises I make with my mouth as vocal warm ups; obsessively checking my phone to distract myself; Star jumps!


What can those coming to see you play expect from your set?

All the feels 🙂