As we continue our build up for Blogtober on October 21st, we take a look at London punks BABYEETH.

With the chords of ‘Siamese Twin’ still ringing in our ears, and the music video still giving us sleepless nights, we thought it a good chance to ask them a few questions about how they started, what 2017 has been like for them and what the future may hold.

1. Hey, you have a sound which many bands search years for. How did you guys meet and how long have you been playing together?

Camilla: “Thanks! We still feel we’re developing the sound, so that’s nice.”

Sam: “We met whilst working in the penguin enclosure at London Zoo.”

Eilidh: “I found Samantha, Sam and Camilla in a blue bar. Then Amelia was suddenly sitting on my bed at a party. We’ve only been playing together for a few months. Oh so phresh and not clean.”

Amelia: “I heard them all before I met them.”

2. I’m really liking ‘Siamese Twin’ it has a vicious verse, noisy chorus and catchy hook. How did the track come about?

Sam: “Thank you! That song was the first we wrote together. It kind of just fell out of us, which doesn’t happen very often. An immaculate conception from hell.”

Camilla: “Glad you like it. Yeah that one came easily for some reason, lyrically it felt like we could create the theme whilst keeping it super simple too.”

Samantha: “It’s actually Siamese Chin. RIP Brucey.”

Amelia: “We stalked a guy around Tesco.”

Eilidh: “Camilla used to be joined to her twin by her left big toe. The operation was successful and they’ve been leading happy separate lives for many years now.”

Camilla: “Yeah, that’s why it was easy to write, I just channelled that traumatic personal medical history. I still walk with a limp to this day.”

3. What was it like making that dark video for ‘Siamese Twin’?

Camilla: “Hot, sticky, dusty, fun. We basically just built a Dexter style plastic kill room, put some crazy lights in it and covered ourselves in black blood. Turns out that stuff stains. We all looked disgusting for weeks afterwards.”

Samantha: “I was sick for two days after due to the mad lights too, so glad you like it! It was pretty intense.”

Sam: “It was a really good Wednesday. One of the best Wednesdays we’ve had together.”

Amelia: “We had pizza. It was nice.”

4. ‘Siamese Twin’ certainly has its roots in 90s grunge; stripped back verse with massive chorus. It’s reminiscent of the likes of Hole – would you say that that genre of music inspires you?

Camilla: “Yeah we probably wear our influences on our sleeves a bit. We were listening to a lot of Hole, Smashing Pumpkins etc. But whilst we’re definitely influenced by those bands song-writing wise, we’d really like to explore modern production too. There’s no point in just being a pastiche thing. No one’s gonna give a shit about that.”

5. In the last few years there seems to have been a resurgence in female/female fronted grunge bands such as Hey Charlie, Bully, Wolf Alice (although their new album is a bit different) and Honeyblood. Are these the bands who you are listening to at the moment?

Camilla: “It’s really positive and about time that we’re seeing more talented female musicians. We have to be careful not to make ‘Female’ a genre though. Not sure all those acts would be lumped together if they were dudes. I’m rooting for all of them.”

Amelia: “I think the likes of grunge and punk tend to resurface during times of resistance. On a brighter note, the Sugarcubes are on my playlist.”

Eilidh: “Pretty sure I used to Jam with Honeyblood when I was wee in Edinburgh.”

6. How has the rest of your 2017 been festival wise?  

Camilla: “We only played our first gig in June, so we’re still a tiny baby band. Learning as we go.”

7. How are you guys feeling for Blogtober Festival this month, and what do you think of Bryde and Violet who you guys are sharing a stage with?

Camilla: “It’s gonna be awesome! Excited to see those guys play.”

8. Aside from Blogtober what does the rest of the year have in store for you guys? Is it a case of some more gigs or is there another track on its way?

Amelia: “Tequila.”

Camilla: “We’ve got quite a lot of gigs coming up. Some are yet to be announced. And we’ll be in the studio for a lot of it getting some new treats ready for you. We’ve been writing religiously for the past couple of months so hopefully it won’t turn out rubbish. Plan is definitely to put out some music.”

Eilidh: “Yeah we’re mainly in the studio. Few gigs – Live at Leeds Ones to watch will be good.”

You can catch BABYTEETH at Blogtober on October 21st, details here