Hailing from Sweden and Atlanta sounds like a strange combination, but the trio of Blånk make their hip-hop crossed with electro-pop go far beyond these lands. And going on to their third album, Blånk have gone their own way and as a result, and ‘Weary Soul’ is surely their most mature record to date.

Opening with’ Running’ is the perfect introduction to the album with slow-going hip-hop and the merging vocals. It culminates to what you can expect from the rest of the record, as it rarely strays from this formula.

Their collaboration with Johan Rensfeldt proves to be the most interesting track on the album. ‘Lax I Palatset’ combines all their vocals for a stellar hip-hop track, only assisted by the soaring beats up until the swooning finale. The album could’ve done with ending on the title track ‘Weary Soul’, it would have been the perfect conclusion to the sound they’re striving to achieve.

If you’re in need of a fresh new take on hip-hop, ‘Weary Soul’ is a must for your collection. What Blånk have done here is experimental to say the least, and with even more finetuning, the Swedish trio will be a staple of the hip-hop world in future albums.