Everything That Makes You Happy is out October 25th on Transgressive Records


Our absolute faves are back!


After premiering ‘I Want You’ and ‘Fucking Up My Friends’ with Zane Lowe and Annie Mac respectively on Monday, their highly anticipated second album is to be released this Friday.


Check out the new video for ‘Catatonic Skinbag’, the track listing and a statement from Ben from the band below.


“Everything That Makes You Happy. I couldn’t be prouder for you all to hear this album: an optimistic response to a difficult time. It made sense with the record’s impending release to touch base with you again and explain what’s been happening in our world.


I’ve been very open regarding my mental health, and earlier this year things once more took a turn for the worst. In an industry so challenging, I pushed myself too hard and relapsed, returning to the hospital for a short time. I know many of you have really been struggling with your mental health, but I can promise you that time heals all and everything WILL be alright. The good news is the music hasn’t stopped flowing and we won’t make you wait another two and a half years to hear more. The support from you all throughout everything has been so warm and I’m honoured to have you guys as fans and friends.


I want to make this band one you cherish forever, I want to thank my family for being such incredible rocks through all this trauma and I want to thank you for believing in this band as much as I do.


Breathe this album in deeply – it really is one of a kind and from a very special place.


All my love, Ben x”



You can pre-order the album here.


Everything That Makes You Happy Tracklist:

  1. I Want You
  2. Catatonic Skinbag
  3. Back This Year
  4. This Song’s Never Gonna Be The Same
  5. Skin Scream
  6. Fucking Up My Friends
  7. All Your Vanity
  8. Never Stop Stirring
  9. Quiet In Your Heart / Alone In Love
  10. Everything That Makes You Happy