Been loving Sløtface’s debut album Try Not To Freak Out? Uncover this hidden gem of a track you may have missed!

The first two singles we heard from Sløtface’s debut album, ‘Magazine’ and ‘Nancy Drew’ were bold statements about defiantly rejecting the constrictions society places on women. These were followed by ‘Pitted’, an explosive track taking aim at bad nights out and ‘Backyard’ a fun and energetic track about youth. But whatever the theme or mood, all the songs on the album could be singles, massive ones too, and how they make that work so cohesively is exceptional.

‘Slumber’, however, isn’t the banger that ‘Pools’ is, for example. It stands out for its vulnerability, its slow, careful speed, its additional Devendra Banhart style vocals and its immersive storytelling. Their trademark film references (Grease, Pretty In Pink, The Ring) are key to the songs slumber party theme, where they tell the TV “don’t go down there”, “but they never listen.”

Though the albums themes aren’t overly optimistic or light, it’s the albums most openly melancholic moment with lyrics like “even as a child I know that I’ll never have friends like these again” dominating the chorus. It might be slower than the hard and fast tracks that surround it, but it’s integral to the album and its themes, its progress. So don’t you even think about skipping it.

Sløtface’s album Try Not To Freak Out is available now to buy, stream and download.