Birthstone: Unearthing the hidden gems in music.

We are all guilty of this. A certain thing has just popped into your head, hasn’t it? You know you do it. Is this making you feel guilty? Nervous?

Fear not. We’re all guilty. When you listen to an album, every day when you’re walking down the street, there is always that one particular song, that is lesser heard of, one that you skip, and just doesn’t make its justice. Ah yes, you understand now.

So without further adieu, cue the drumroll, here is our first gem, straight from RAT BOY’S SCUM, which was released on (11/08/17) we’re here to shine a light on you ‘TURN AROUND M8’.

Parents: RAT BOY
Name: SCUM
Date of Birth: 11/08/17
Birthstone: TURN AROUND M8

One of the more stronger, confident, moments on SCUM arrives when Cardy is able to combine his multiple influences cohesively, whilst remaining strictly experimental. The soulful yet essential ‘TURN ROUND M8’, has its multiple vocal effects and familiar upbeat chorus makes it an early highlight on the record.

With the first few listens of the album you may feel yourself drifting into the cycle of Cardy’s most famous tracks for example, ‘Move’ and ‘Sign on’, it can be hard for the other songs to be unearthed from the popularity, have no fear, ‘TURN AROUND M8’ is an infectiously catchy song, a complete unearthed gem. As you can already begin to tell, this song sets the scene for the whole album, starting off with a strong song is a wise move right?

Comparisons to Jamie T and The Streets are rife especially with most of these tracks. Comparisons can lead to instant negativity, becoming a stalking fact with whatever music is made. When sometimes it can be a good thing, don’t you think?

In a music world filled with eccentric elements of pop and indie; this song stands out as a heavy suitor of creativity to stand out from the crowd. A number of combined influences is only one thing that Cardy should be proud of, especially weaving them all together in ONE singular song. However, if you are to listen to just one song that isn’t one of the many singles from this album; choose this song. It holds a power over you leaving you no choice but to keep on pressing play.

Go on, just try it.

RAT BOY’s album Scum is available now to buy, stream and download. 


P.S ‘Everyday when you’re walking down the street…’