Birthstone: Unearthing the hidden gems of newborn music.

Have you ever skipped a song on an album? Be honest. Whether it be intentionally or not we are all guilty of occasionally not giving a track enough justice. Cutting it off in its prime before it’s given a chance to grow. Perhaps sometimes it’s not even our fault. Time can be a cruel mistress and track 6 on your favourite new album might fall just short of the 15-minute car journey to work.

Fear not music lovers, for we’ve got you covered! Birthstone is a feature dedicated solely to celebrating the lesser heard tracks of new records. The unsung heroes that are often overshadowed by their arrogant and loud siblings. Calling all quirky B-sides, creative risk takers and straight up hidden gems; we’re here to shine a light on you. So without further adieu, here is our first gem, straight from Oh Wonder’s Ultralife, which was released today (14/07/17).

Parents: Oh Wonder
Name: Ultralife
Date of Birth: 14/07/17
Birthstone: Overgrown

Brilliantly reminiscent of early Nintendo sound banks; this hidden gem witnesses warm bursts of fuzz, surf in on a foamy wash of synth waves. Overgrown is lifted from Oh Wonder’s follow up album and is buried beneath nine other tracks of unmitigated diversity. With your first few listens to Ultralife you may find yourself drifting off to the soothing latter part of the album. However, if you manage to reach track 10 you’ll be treated to a Bodacious 8bit ballad complete with a thoughtful and catchy chorus.

In a pop world saturated with weird latino-house hybrids of pop; this song stands out as a champion of creativity to break the mould. Ok so perhaps these words are being tainted by exaggeration fuelled by a deep hatred for modern music… However, if you are to listen to just one song that isn’t one of the many singles from this album; choose this song. It has a cheeky charm that will have you inexplicably smiling from start to finish. ‘Overgrown’s bright optimism leaves you no choice but to press that play button just one more time.

Oh Wonder’s album Ultralife is available now to buy, stream and download.