Since we first heard his track ‘Baker Street’, we’ve been very, very excited indeed about the solo project of Velvet Morning and Rocket Ship TV man Mr Yolk.

Through his dreamy, immersive debut album ‘Self Portrait’, intricately picked and hazy vocals whisk (pun intended) you away from reality. But with a record which works so well as a complete album, you might have missed out on some of the albums more subtly brilliant moments. While ‘Green Valentine Blues’ sees a robotic beat poet voice reciting lines about love and nature, and ‘Everything Is Blue and Orange’ uses sci-fi clicks, beeps and whirr effects to add to the otherworldliness of the song, ‘Don’t Play With My Emotions’ is relatively understated track.

This isn’t to say it doesn’t have its own character, it sounds a little like a Hawaiian Fat White Family actually, but it works as the perfect example of how the uniform style of the album shapeshifts into new, weirder styles throughout. It’s repetitive, but not in a way that feels tedious, it’s quirky, funny and catchy enough to get away with it. It’s a track, and record, that oozes personality, but doesn’t make a show of it, best exemplified in how it calmly fades out unceremoniously.