We had a chat with our new weird and wonderful favourites Bathrobe Robots. It’s pretty hard not to at least be curious about these guys, so the only solution was to have them explain themselves.


Okay, well first off we love this whole literal bathrobe robots thing you have going on, but we have to ask, where did it come from? 

Linnea: The name came from a persistent joke. It was rolling around a few years ago as a contender for a different band, but this year we decided that the name was fitting because it’s hard to be creative if you take yourselves too seriously.

Devon: Plus it’s kinda fun to say…

We understand that you create the music before you write the lyrics, which is pretty unusual… but it seems to be paying off, would you say the lyric writing is the hardest part of your creative process?  

Linnea -I think all of the different aspects of songwriting can be difficult or easy, it really depends on the song. To us, vocals are another instrument not necessarily the focal point of the song. For anyone who can actually understand the lyrics we hope they enhance the song and convey a positive message and make you think 

Devon-Hmm, the hardest part.  I’d say the hardest part is eliminating distractions.  Getting into a flow state where you feel like you are truly only a conduit for the song and you let them come to you.  Calling a song finished is also incredibly difficult.  When is it good enough?  Where is the point of simple enough to be the most effective, yet not oversimplifying?  Those kinds of questions are inevitable and can actually be beneficial.  Having a songwriting partner you really trust helps tremendously.  When you both feel like it is ready, well…It probably is! Jason Silva describing flow states brilliantly in the beginning of this video. 

You’ve recently released the very awesome lyric video to Egyptian Annie; did you guys create that yourself? What kinds of ideas were thrown around before making it?

Linnea: Devon created the new lyric video for Egyptian Annie. He found the video on an open source website where you can use movies for free. It was a full-length movie that was just quirky and strange enough to encompass our style. 

Devon:”What would this look like if this were simple?” I’m a big fan of The Tim Ferriss Show and love this question he asks. Simple is not always easy.  Sometimes it is the farthest thing from easy!  The lyric video came from asking this question, paired with the necessity for audiovisual content.  As a means to begin a youtube presence I began researching open source videos and creators that license their work to the creative commons for others to use freely.  Again, what would this look like if it were simple?  I found a video that I thought fit well, downloaded a 7 day trial of Adobe Premiere, and an incredible amount of googling, cut up a 1.5-hour movie to fit a 2-minute song.

We also understand you’re working on a podcast, can you tell us a bit more about that? 

Linnea -The podcast is a way that we hope to connect with people. We’re kind of trying to demystify the art of songwriting. It can be very intimidating to dive into a new creative trade, but inspiration can come from anywhere. The podcast chronicles all of the things that are happening with us personally as well as with the band. We’re also trying to capture the moments when we are writing songs. It’s pretty neat seeing how one little thing can be the lynchpin for an entire song. The podcast catches the moments when we are finding melodies we like and lyrics that work. 

Devon: We love learning.  This “band” is an experiment where a lot of different techniques have been tested.  If we can inspire others to set their mind to a project that would be incredible… Even just for two weeks… You can do anything if it’s only for two weeks. The real update however….we recorded a lot of material onto a recorder that we realised had no way of transferring the files off of it, and with all of the other things we are trying to do, this has fallen behind in other priorities. 

We hear there have been talks of teaming up with other musicians, can you let us know who? Who would you collab with if you had the chance to work with absolutely anybody around today?

It’s true!  We have begun rehearsing with an incredible drummer and bassist. I think if we had a chance to team up with absolutely anyone there’s a long list: Paul Epworth, The Strokes, Stephen, Mark Foster, Danger Mouse, Dan Auerbach, Brian Eno, Josh Carter, Johnny Greenwood, BOOTS, Jack White, Cage the Elephant, Portugal. The Man…..the list just goes on and on. 

What kind of music do you both listen to? Who are your favourite artists around at the moment, what’s your favourite song right now? 

Devon:I supposed we spoiled this one little with the last answer!… I always have an ear out for something fresh and interesting, though. 

Linnea:My favourite song of the moment is probably ‘Elephant Gun’ by Beirut, it’s simply magical. It’s also just a really strange set of instruments…ukulele, trumpet, and accordion, it creates a beautiful waltz.

Devon: I was recently blown away by a new artist’s cd release show.  She goes by “Girl Blue” with a song called “Fire Under Water”…sends shivers down my spine

Have you got any plans for some live shows? 

There are some in the works! Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date!

Where would you guys like to see yourselves this time next year?

Touring and writing, we both love the UK! We have finally made something that we are incredibly proud of and the support means the world to us.