Due to release their new EP ‘Extended Play’ this July and having recently brought the absolute banger, ‘Motormind’ (listen below), into our ears, our beloved Glaswegian’s Baby Strange have let us know just what kinds of music inspired them in its creation.

Moving On Up – M People

This song stuck with me as soon as I heard it. I can’t remember what age I was but I was pretty young, her voice is incredible and it’s hard to find a better feel-good song.


A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins

Another song I heard at a young age. My dad used to blast this song most weekends. The guitar work is incredible. I love playing it when I’m DJing at our club night, Club Sabbath.


Barely Legal – The Strokes

One of my favourite songs by The Strokes. It has this driving pace that I love and the lyrics are great. That album is pretty much perfect to me.


1999 – Prince

If I was a good dancer, I’d dance to this song.


A.K.A I.D.I.O.T – The Hives

If you haven’t heard this I urge you to go and put it on. The energy is something special. You can’t force energy. You go for it, or you don’t. The Hives always go for it.


Somewhere In My Heart – Aztec Camera

I remember playing this song in a pub one night and the only person that started smiling and singing along was my friend Gary Watson. It’s such a well-written song and we always went back to it when talking about music. This song always reminds me of him.


Welcome To Paradise – Green Day

The first band to make a real impact on me. My parents took me to see them at T in the park in 2002 and it made me want to start a band.


Don’t Fight It, Feel It – Primal Scream

I’ve been lucky enough to see Primal Scream doing Screamadelica live a few times and this song floors me every time. The low end on it is crazy and it gets such a reaction from the crowd. I’d ever seen so many 40+ people on pills until that night.


The six-track EP will be the follow-up to their debut album Want It Need It, which came out last year. ‘Motormind’ was the first track to come from the effort and it’s got us pretty damn excited.

The full track listing is as follows:

1. Motormind
2. No Coin To Play
3. Bring Me Down

4. Play Me
5. Young Team
6. Mess